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Christian YouTubers And YouTube Channels

Are you looking for Christian Youtubers to help your growth in Christ? We are seeing more and more ways to advance the kingdom of God. In 2015 we are seeing more Instagram ministries and more Youtube ministries. These Christian YouTube channels below have over 100,000,000 views and are my favorites.

20 Awesome Christian Youtubers And Youtube Channels

Some of the most popular Christian channels are not on the list because their teachings are not biblical. Some of them are so watered down that you wouldn’t know that the person was a believer.

I pray that these awesome channels below are a blessing to you just like they have been a blessing to me.


  • “God has given believers the responsibility of spreading the Gospel to all the world, and we need to use all at our disposal to accomplish this task.” Theodore Epp
  • “Any method of evangelism will work if God is in it.”  Leonard Ravenhill
  • “The One who calls you to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature is the One who by your consent, goes into all the world and preaches the Gospel to every creature through you!” Major Ian Thomas
  • “Can we be casual in the work of God — casual when the house is on fire, and people in danger of being burned?” Duncan Campbell

1. Nephtali1981– Tali is one of my favorite Christian Youtubers. He boldly preaches God’s Word. He lovingly exhorts and exposes things that are going on in the world today. He uses Scripture to discuss various topics such as the Illuminati, charlatans in Christianity, and more. Keep up the good work brother Tali.

2. Wretched– Todd Friel is a former comedian. Now He is a radio host for Wretched Radio. He has a very fun and witty personality. He talks about abortion, Christian culture, and more. When you want to know about Jesus and theology mixed with a little humor. Check Out Wretched YouTube channel.

3. I’ll Be Honest– This channel is full of amazing Christian teaching and preaching by Tim Conway, Paul Washer, and more. Sometimes we need to be rebuked and this is the channel for it. Many channels don’t talk about sin, but this one does. It strongly talks about the gospel of Jesus Christ, God’s love, the importance of prayer, separating from the world, bearing fruit as a Christian, evidence of true faith, and more.

4. TheAnimaSeries– I love this very inspirational and encouraging channel. The content on this channel is artistic and Christ centered. It is full of spoken words, and Christian testimonies. It is great for young believers.

5. Desiring God– If you love the biblical teachings of John Piper and the Desiring God site, then you will love this channel. This channel is updated frequently and it will help ignite your love for Christ, while you grow in wisdom.

6. chaseGodtv – Another great YouTube channel for teens. This channel is full of biblical teachings and poetry to help your walk of faith.

7. Grace To You– If you want expository preaching, then this is for you. John MacArthur is the pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California and one of the greatest preachers of our time. I strongly recommend this channel.

8. The Gospel Coalition – This channel is full of everything. A group of pastors and churches who delight in the truth and the power of the gospel.

9. kingdomwarriorscom – This is a great channel that teaches on biblical repentance and faith in Christ.

10. Sermon Index– Catch up on great Christ-centered preaching, classics and new ones. Listen to preachers such as David Wilkerson, Carter Conlon, Zac Poonen, Shane Idleman, Robert Murray M’Cheyne, and more.

11. April Cassidy– This YouTube channel is focused on marriage and biblical submission and is great for women, teen girls, Christian wives, and homemakers.

12. BIBLETHUMPINGWINGNUT.COM – The main goal is to share the Gospel Of Jesus Christ online! It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this channel. If you love debates and Christian apologetics, then this is for you. Get ready to learn!

13. Living Waters – Need inspiration for sharing your faith in Christ? Ray Comfort and others educating and evangelizing.

Other channels that I recommend

14. Tony Miano

15. vickitabygrace7

16. oneminuteapologist – Strongly recommend, quick answers to common Christian questions. 

17. Ellerslie Mission Society Films

18. Truth Endures

19. Grace Community Church

20. Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

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  • Sam Kothuri Jul 26, 2018, 7:07 pm

    What’s your opinion on David Wood Acts17 apologetics?

    • Fritz Chery Jul 27, 2018, 12:47 am


      I am not too familiar with them, but I do know they are a popular YouTube channel that adds humor to their content. I’ll take a lot to see if they are biblical or not.

  • Heather Weaver Sep 19, 2019, 11:23 pm

    You missed one of the best Christian preachers on YouTube. He doesn’t have his own channel, but he is uploaded PLENTY by others. His name is Charles Lawson. And if you haven’t heard him, YOU SHOULD!!

  • Gerena Jun 9, 2020, 7:22 am

    Hi! Loved your article! I recognize and listen to most of these sites you listed. I am a Christian school teacher and a pastor’s wife. I just began doing read alouds on quality Christian kids books, and posting them on YouTube. I post new readings every week on my church’s YouTube site. With kids being quarantined at home now, this is what they need. It is a wonderful evangelistic tool.

  • Monica Walter Oct 4, 2020, 2:51 pm

    Hi, my husband and I have a YouTube channel we created for two reasons.
    One is to do general biblical teachings to help filter through a lot of what we see in society and culture. In other words we are trying to reconcile our hearts to God’s word.
    The second reason is that we felt called in 2016 to research family planning and seeing what options are morally in line with scripture. This includes Ivf, contraceptives, and more that we had difficulty finding reliable information on. We have a lot of free resources on our channel and website we are trying to share with the Christian community.

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