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Christian Instagram Accounts To Follow

Are you looking to follow Christian Instagram accounts to help your faith? I love social media ministries. Recently we wrote about Christian youtubers you should be watching, but how about Instagram? Since its release this app has exploded on the scene.

25 Inspirational Christian Instagram Accounts To Follow

Instagram ministries are helping millions of Christians daily. When I was an unbeliever one of the ways God brought me to repentance was from a random small Instagram account.

God can use so many methods to bring someone to Christ. The only complaint that I have about Instagram ministries is that most of them only talk about encouragement, love, etc.

I am not knocking that in any way. We need to be encouraged daily and we need to hear about God’s love daily.

The problem is most people do not preach about repentance, sin, Hell, God’s Wrath, God’s Holiness, Obedience, etc.

If you are thinking about starting your own Instagram ministry always remember that we should never be one-sided when preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Check out some awesome Instagram accounts below. I pray that they help you grow in Christ.


  • “Often our influence in our communities extends to church programs, musicals, or weekly services. While those things can help present the Gospel, God desires for us to personally be influences on the world around us. Spreading the Gospel isn’t solely the church’s job; it’s the job of every Christian.” – Paul Chappell
  • “God desires for you to be involved in drawing people to His Word through a dedicated life to Him and an active witness for Him.” Paul Chappell
  • “If we understand what lies ahead for those who do not know Christ, there will be a sense of urgency in our witness.” David Jeremiah

Christian accounts to build your faith in Christ, encourage, inspire, and motivate.

1. @biblereasons  Many of the things we post on Instagram are pages from our site. When you follow our Instagram account you will see posts about every biblical topic such as turning away from sin, God’s love, repentance, faith, struggling with sin, trials, prayer, etc.

2. @biblelockscreens – Most popular Christian wallpaper app.

3. @proverbsdaily – 193K followers! Daily quotes and inspirational Scriptures.

4. @instagramforbelievers – Don’t confuse your path with your destination.

5. @instapray – Join the community in prayer, love, and support.

6. @repentedsoljah – One of the few Instagram accounts that actually talks about repentance.

7. @churchmemes – Christian-related Memes.

8. @jesuschristfamily – Through Jesus Christ we are all family.

9. @christian_quottes – One guy sharing Jesus to the World.

10. @godcaresbro – God wants to have a relationship with you.

11. @godsholyscriptures – 17 year old trying to pass the Word of God.

12. @trustgodbro – In you, Lord my God, I put my trust.

13. @freshfaith_ –  Flood the web with the Good News each day.

14. @christianmagazine – Inspirational words to help your walk of faith.

15. @faithreeel – Helping to inspire others to share what truly matters.

16. @christianreposts – Discover the best of the Christian Instagram community.

17. @daily_bibleverses – Just sharing great photos.

18. @goodnewsfeed – Here to encourage, inspire, and challenge you with God’s Word and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

19. @praynfaith – Get your daily dose of encouragement.

20. @daily_bible_devotional –  I read the whole Bible annually & post a meaningful verse each day that I’m meditating on.

Christian women, wives, and mothers.

21.  @shereadstruth – An online community of women who study God’s Word together daily.

22.  @godlyladytalk – Follow us to be encouraged and strengthened in a community with Christ.

Christian relationships and marriages.

23. @christiansoulmates – Inspiration and help for godly relationships.

24.  @christian_couples – Encouraging couples towards Jesus Christ.

25.  @godlydating101 –  Chivalry, modesty, purity.  God’s standard, not society’s expectations.

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  • Turisno_smeak Aug 10, 2019, 1:35 am

    One of my favorite teachers, Charlotte has a way of communicating Biblical truths with a perspective unlike any other. As a bonus, Charlotte is very active on her social media accounts and her Instagram stories are great. Definitely someone to follow for those daily boosts!

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