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Church Website Hosting

Are you looking for the best church website hosting for your Christian ministry? I know that choosing web hosting services can be very difficult especially if you are new to website building. I will help you make the best choice today and I will show you step by step how to set it up with WordPress today, which takes only minutes.

Best Church Website Hosting To Use Today

I recommend (SiteGround).

This is a popular cheap web hosting company that is great for start up websites. There are a plethora of reasons why I recommended SiteGround such as uptime, set up time, price, support, performance, free domain name, and features.


Uptime is a great measure of how good a web hosting provider is at keeping their systems up and running. You want a hosting company which has a high uptime so the members of your church can always access your site without a problem. One of the things that I love about SiteGround is that they display their monthly and yearly uptimes for customer satisfaction. Currently their monthly uptimes are at 99.99%.

Set up and ease of use

The setup time is quick and easy which I will show you below. The reason that it is so easy to create a website with SiteGround is because they give you a free domain name, which most companies don’t do. That means you won’t have to go to a domain register and point your domain to your hosting company.

Not only are you given a free domain, but you are also given automatic WordPress installation with their Website Setup Wizard. What this means for you is that even if you are a beginner who has never created a website before it will take you 5 minutes to create and have your site on the web.


For a church website you want a company that offers great performance at a cheap price. You are not going to need an expensive hosting company and one of the benefits of SiteGround is that it is cheap. It will only cost you $3.95/mo and remember that you do not have to worry about purchasing a domain from another website.


Some hosting companies don’t offer 24/7 live chat support and many of them don’t even offer phone support, which is not good because what if you need help with something? It is always good to call your hosting company so they can dive right in to help you with anything.

Support is another area where SG excels at because they offer their users 24/7 phone support, fast response 24/7 live chat, and 24/7 ticket support. Along with the immediate help you are also given a large amount of articles, guides, and they have webinars as well. To be honest you will not even need support to set up because it is so easy, but it is available to you just in case.

Performance and features

With SiteGround you are able to choose the data center nearest to you, which is a cool feature that helps you to increase your website speed. SiteGround has an average monthly server response time of around 600ms, which is great. Their data centers provide high-level electricity redundancy with multiple failover options including multiple power feeds, power generators, and enterprise-class UPS technology.

  • Free domain emails. For example, pastorJohn@mychurch.com
  • Free site setup
  • Free CDN for faster load speed
  • Spam experts spam prevention
  • Free daily backups
  • Anti-Hack System
  • Free drop and drag builder
  • Cpanel

They are well built for Christian websites

What I mean by this is that they are one of the few companies who advertise for Christians, churches, and faith based websites. You can see this on this page.

Let’s create your website now: I will show you step by step how to build your church website with WordPress in 5 minutes.

1. Start SiteGround here at 60% off.

2. Go to see plans to choose a plan.

3. Choose the $3.95 plan which gives you all that you need for your site.

4. Now you have to make a domain for your website.

5. When you’re done then you must add your info on the next page and you’re set.

6. On the next page you should see a popup that says welcome to our website setup wizard. In the ready to get started area of the popup choose get WP preinstalled on this account and then proceed.

7. On the next page make and remember your WordPress login information.

8. Choose a template.

9. Congratulations, you are finally done and your website is created.

10. You’re going to see all of your information.

11. Now log into your website.

With WordPress you are given over 31,000 free plugins, which are basically extra features that you can install onto the church site, Just type in what you need in the search field and you should see it there.

You are also given 2K free themes to choose from. If you do not want any of the free themes, then you can purchase premium cheap themes for around $5-$100 at ThemeForest or Genesis.


  • “The Church is the Body of Christ, and the Spirit is the Spirit of Christ. He fills the Body, directs its movements, controls its members, inspires its wisdom, supplies it’s strength. He guides into truth, sanctifies its agents, and empowers for witnessing. The Spirit has never abdicated His authority nor relegated His power.”  Samuel Chadwick
  • “The church is not a democracy in which we have chosen God, but a theocracy in which He has chosen us. The church is the only society in the world that never loses any of its members, even by death. The church upon its knees would bring heaven upon the earth.”  E.M. Bounds
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