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Bible verses about flattery

Is flattery a sin? Yes! Christians should not flatter others it might seem harmless, but it can be very dangerous. Christians are to always remain humble, but flattery can turn people corrupt especially pastors.

Flattery boosts egos, pride, and it can also put pressure on the person who is being flattered. Flattery is mostly to seek favor from someone or it might be a complete lie and it’s a tool that false teachers use. They flatter and at the same time they water down the gospel.

They compromise with the Word of God and never preach on repentance and turning away from sin. They tell someone who is lost and living in rebellion to the Word of God don’t worry you’re good.

This is a huge reason why there are many churches filled with false worshipers and many professing Christians will not enter into Heaven. Complementing is sincere and unselfish, but enemies flatters with their lips, but have ill intentions in their heart.


What does the Bible say?

1.  Proverbs 29:5-6 A person who flatters his neighbor is spreading a net for him to step into. To an evil person sin is bait in a trapbut a righteous person runs away from it and is glad.

2. Psalm 36:1-3 An oracle within my heart concerning the transgression of the wicked person: There is no dread of God before his eyes, for in his own eyes he flatters himself too much to discover and hate his sin. The words of his mouth are malicious and deceptive; he has stopped acting wisely and doing good.


Rid yourself of all lying.

3. Proverbs 26:28 A lying tongue hates those it hurts, and a flattering mouth works ruin.

4. Psalm 78:36-37 Nevertheless they flattered him with their mouth, and they lied unto him with their tongues. For their heart was not right with him, neither were they steadfast in his covenant.

5. Psalm 5:8-9 Lead me, O Lord, in your righteousness because of my enemies; make your way straight before me. For there is no truth in their mouth; their inmost self is destruction;their throat is an open grave; they flatter with their tongue.

6. Psalm 12:2-3 Neighbors lie to each other, speaking with flattering lips and deceitful hearts. May the LORD cut off their flattering lips and silence their boastful tongues.

7. Psalm 62:4 They plan to topple me from my high position. They delight in telling lies about me. They praise me to my face but curse me in their hearts.

8. Psalm 55:21 His speech is smoother than butter, but there is war in his heart. His words are more soothing than oil, but they are like swords ready to attack.


Honest criticism is better.

9. Proverbs 27:5-6 An open rebuke is better than hidden love! Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.

10. Proverbs 28:23 In the end, people appreciate honest criticism far more than flattery.

11. Proverbs 27:9 Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel.


Beware of false teachers.

12.  Romans 16:17-19 Now I urge you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause dissensions and obstacles contrary to the doctrine you have learned. Avoid them, for such people do not serve our Lord Christ but their own appetites. They deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting with smooth talk and flattering words.


Pleasing God

13. Galatians 1:10 For am I now trying to win the favor of people, or God? Or am I striving to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a slave of Christ.

14. 1 Thessalonians 2:4-6 Instead, just as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not to please men, but rather God, who examines our hearts. For we never used flattering speech, as you know, or had greedy motives God is our witness and we didn’t seek glory from people, either from you or from others.



15. Ephesians 4:25 Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body.

16. Romans 15:2 We should all be concerned about our neighbor and the good things that will build his faith.

17. Proverbs 16:13 Righteous lips are the delight of a king, and he loves him who speaks what is right.


 The Adulteress woman and her flattering tongue.

18. Proverbs 6:23-27 Your parents give you commands and teachings that are like lights to show you the right way. This teaching corrects you and trains you to follow the path to life. It stops you from going to an evil woman, and it protects you from the smooth talk of another man’s wife. Such a woman might be beautiful, but don’t let that beauty tempt you. Don’t let her eyes capture you. A prostitute might cost a loaf of bread, but the wife of another man could cost you your life. If you drop a hot coal in your lap, your clothes will be burned.

19. Proverbs 7:21-23 She persuaded him with persuasive words; with her smooth talk she compelled him. Suddenly he went after her like an ox that goes to the slaughter, like a stag prancing into a trapper’s snare till an arrow pierces his liver like a bird hurrying into a trap, and he does not know that it will cost him his life.


Bible Examples

20. Daniel 11:21-23 In his place shall arise a contemptible person to whom royal majesty has not been given. He shall come in without warning and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.  Armies shall be utterly swept away before him and broken, even the prince of the covenant. And from the time that an alliance is made with him he shall act deceitfully, and he shall become strong with a small people.

21. Daniel 11:31-33 Forces from him shall appear and profane the temple and fortress, and shall take away the regular burnt offering. And they shall set up the abomination that makes desolate. He shall seduce with flattery those who violate the covenant, but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action. And the wise among the people shall make many understand, though for some days they shall stumble by sword and flame, by captivity and plunder.

22.  Job 32:19-22 inside I am like bottled-up wine, like new wineskins ready to burst. I must speak and find relief; I must open my lips and reply. I will show no partiality, nor will I flatter anyone; for if I were skilled in flattery, my Maker would soon take me away.



Proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

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