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Ungrateful People

Bible verses about ungrateful people People today are being less content and not seeing true blessings. It’s not only children being ungrateful it’s adults as well. Probably the type of ungratefulness I despise the most is when someone complains there is no food inside their house. By that they mean the particular food they want [...]

Feeding The Hungry

Bible verses about feeding the hungry  There are people who will starve to death today. There are people who have to eat mud pies daily. We don’t truly understand how blessed we are in America. As Christians we are to feed the poor and help people who are in need. Feeding the needy is part [...]

Having Fun

Bible verses about having fun Many people think that Christians are uptight people who never have fun, laugh, or smile, which is false. Seriously we are humans too! Scripture encourages us to have a happy heart instead of a crushed one. There’s nothing wrong with doing fun things with friends. There is nothing wrong with going [...]

Talents For The Kingdom

I recently started a new Bible study with the “She Reads Truth” app (FREE and it’s available on the iTunes and Google Play store) – “The Parables of Jesus” Of course, the famous Parable of the Talents is one of the highlighted scriptures. Matthew 25:14-30 NLT “Again, the Kingdom of Heaven can be illustrated by [...]


Bible verses about astrology Not only is astrology a sin it is demonic as well. If you were to have anything to do with astrology in the Old Testament you would have been stoned to death. Astrologers and people who seek them are an abomination to God. Have nothing to do with these stupid demonic [...]

Is Wearing Makeup A Sin?

One question that I get often especially from young women is, can Christians wear makeup? Is wearing makeup a sin? Unfortunately, this topic brings a lot of legalism. There is nothing in the Bible that restricts Christian women from wearing makeup. With that said, let’s take a look at a few passages. Quotes “Beauty isn’t about [...]


Bible verses about cooking Godly women are to know how to cook and manage a household. We are living in times where some women can’t even boil an egg I mean it’s ridiculous. A virtuous woman shops wisely and makes do with what she has. She keeps her family fed nutritiously. If you don’t know [...]


Bible verses about talents Our awesome God created everyone with unique abilities and talents to help serve our brothers and sisters in Christ. Sometimes we’re not even aware of the talents that we’re given by God until we run into different struggles in life. Give God thanks for all He has given you. Your talent [...]

Bible verses for thank you cards These Scriptures are for showing gratitude and thankfulness to others. You can use these for thank you cards or even birthday cards to show your appreciation to someone. God blessed us with great friends and family members and sometimes we want to show them we’re glad they’re in our [...]


Bible verses about gluttony Gluttony is a sin and one that should be discussed more in churches. Overeating is idolatry and it is very dangerous. Scripture tells us Jacob’s brother Esau sold his birthright because of gluttony. Eating too much has nothing to do with being fat. A skinny person could be a glutton also, but [...]

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