Why should God let you into Heaven?

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There are many arguments to make a case for the existence of God. However, most of them don’t tell us much about the character of God. The moral argument comes to our aid in this case. The most acknowledged formal argument is the one used by William Lane Craig which is as follows:   Moral [...]

The Unforgivable Sin

Bible verses about the unforgivable sin Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit or the unpardonable sin was when the Pharisees who had clear proof that Jesus was God refused to acknowledge him as God. Even after reading about him, seeing him do miracles and fulfill biblical prophecies, hearing about him doing miracles, etc. they refused to [...]


Bible verses about headaches I used to suffer from terrible migraines when I was a child. They were so annoying and just kept coming back. I remember the unbearable thumping pain that lasted for a full week one time so I know how it can feel. I don’t get them as much nor are they [...]


Bible verses about regeneration We don’t preach on the doctrine of regeneration anymore. There are many people who call themselves Christians who are not Christians. Many people have all the right words, but their heart is not regenerate. By nature man is evil. His nature leads him to do evil. An evil man cannot change himself [...]

Women Pastors

Bible verses about women pastors Can women be pastors? No! Many women say, “God called me to be a preacher.” No He did not and Scripture clearly proves it! God never called you to do anything that contradicts His Word. There are many famous female pastors such as Joyce Meyer, Juanita Bynum, Paula White, Victoria Osteen, [...]


Bible verses about usury The usury is America is very sinful and ridiculous. We are not to be like the greedy banking systems and payday loans when giving money to our family, friends, and to the poor. In some cases interest can be taken like business deals. It would be better never to borrow money. [...]

Being Stingy

Bible verses about being stingy When Christians are stingy they usually never realize it. You can give and still be stingy. There are some people who give, but with a grudging heart. They think “Aww, do I really have too?” There are some people who offer things, but in their mind they hope the other [...]

Satans Fall

Bible verses about Satan’s fall We don’t know the exact time of Satan’s fall in Scripture, but is something we do know about him. Satan was God’s most beautiful angel, but he rebelled. He became conceited and was envious of God. He wanted to be God and give God the boot, but God threw him and [...]

Gods Help

Bible verses about Gods help Sometimes when we are in tough situations we wonder where is God? Why won’t He answer? Maybe the tough situation is God’s helping hand at work. Sometimes the things that we think are bad happen because God is protecting us from an even worse situation that we didn’t see coming. [...]


Bible verses about diligence Usually when we think about diligence we think about a good work ethic. Diligence should not only be used at the workplace. It should be used in all areas of our life. Diligence in your walk of faith leads to spiritual growth, a greater love for others, greater love for Christ, [...]

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