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Bad Reasons For Divorce

There are many Christians who give terrible excuses for why they want a divorce. Right when it gets a little hard they want to call it quits. If this is how you are feeling right now please seek biblical counseling, but most of all you must pray and fast not only for God to change [...]


Bible verses about prostitution Prostitution is one of the oldest forms of dishonest gain in the world. We always hear about women prostitutes, but there are even male prostitutes as well. Scripture tells us that they will not enter into Heaven. Prostitution has become so huge that it has even gone online. Craigslist and Back Page [...]


Bible verses about rebellion The secular world we live in today promotes rebellion. People don’t want to listen to authority. People want to be the god of their own lives. Scripture equates rebellion to witchcraft. Rebellion makes God angry. Jesus didn’t die for your sins so you can live in rebellion and spit on God’s [...]


Bible verses about intelligence Where does intelligence come from? Where does morality come from? The atheist worldview cannot account for these questions. Intelligence cannot come from non-intelligence. All intelligence comes from God. The world could have only been created by someone who is eternal and Scripture says that is God. God is infinitely intelligent and [...]

Levels Of Hell

Bible verses about levels of hell When we read Scripture there does seem to be different degrees of punishment in hell. The people who sit in church all day and always hear the message of Christ, but do not truly accept Him will be in more pain in hell. The more that is revealed to [...]

Keeping Secrets

Bible verses about keeping secrets Is keeping secrets a sin? No, but in some situations it can be. There are some things that people shouldn’t know and vice versa. We must be careful though of what we keep secrets about. If someone tells you something private we are not to start babbling about what they [...]

Death Penalty

Bible verses about death penalty Capital punishment is a very controversial topic. In the Old Testament we see that God commanded people to be executed for murder and various other crimes such as adultery, homosexuality, sorcery, kidnapping, etc. God instituted the death penalty and Christians are to never try to fight against it. Scripture makes it clear [...]


Bible verses about toil Since the beginning we were all made to toil. Christians are to be a good example of hard work. The one who doesn’t want to work will be disgraced and will come to poverty. Whatever your occupation is, do it with enthusiasm and work hard. Don’t overwork which is very harmful [...]


Bible verses about hopelessness When everything seems to be falling apart and life seems hopeless consider people like Job or Jeremiah who wanted to give up, but overcame trials. When everything is going great how can you see the goodness of the Lord? The devil wants you to lose hope and he wants you to [...]

Tax Collectors

Bible verses about tax collectors Tax collectors were evil, greedy, and corrupt people who charged far more than what was owed. These people were deceitful and unpopular just like how the IRS is very unpopular today.     What does the Bible say? 1. Luke 3:12-14 Some tax collectors came to be baptized. They asked him, “Teacher, [...]

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