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Bible verses about counting your blessings Counting our blessings is always being humble and giving thanks for everything in life. We are thankful for Jesus Christ who is everything. We are thankful for food, friends, family, God’s Love. Appreciate everything in life because there are people who are starving and in a way harder situation [...]


Bible verses about famine Throughout the world we hear about famines not only about food, but of the Word of God. There is a spiritual famine going on and it will only get worse. People don’t want to hear the truth anymore. They don’t want to hear about sin and hell. They would rather find [...]


Bible verses about cowards Sometimes we might have fear and anxiety in our lives and when this happens we just need to trust in the Lord, believe in His promises, and seek Him in prayer, but there is a type of cowardice that will take you to hell. Many people who profess Jesus as Lord [...]


Bible verses about selflessness One trait that is needed on your Christian walk of faith is selflessness. Sometimes we worry about ourselves and our wants rather than wanting to give others our time and our help, but this should not be. We must have empathy for others and put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. The [...]


Bible verses about adversity Right now life may seem hard for you, but God will help you get through these tough times. God can turn your worst day into your best day. Sometimes we make it seem as if we’re the only ones going through trials, but we’re not. Every Christian has dealt with or [...]


Bible verses about counseling Christian counseling is only using God’s Word to counsel others and has nothing to do with psychological counseling. Biblical counseling is used to teach, encourage, rebuke, and guide to help with issues in life. Counselors should instruct others to take their trust and mind off of the world and put them [...]


Bible verses about fools A fool is someone who is unwise, lacks sense, and lacks judgement. Fools don’t want to learn the truth. They laugh at the truth and turn their eyes away from the truth. Fools are wise in their own eyes failing to take in wisdom and advice, which will be their downfall. [...]


Bible verses for surgery Having gone into surgery twice I know it can be a scary time not only for you, but for your family as well. Rest assure that God is in control of the situation. Keep your mind on Christ and your mind will be at peace. Before surgery, look over these Scriptures to [...]


Bible verses about philosophy The Word of God puts the evilness of philosophy to shame. Remember there’s a way that seems right that leads to death. Should Christians study philosophy? We must be careful that we are not deceived by it because many have been, but I believe it would be useful for apologetics to [...]

Coarse Joking

Bible verses about coarse joking Christians are called to be God’s holy people so we must rid ourselves of any obscene talk and sinful jesting. Dirty jokes should never come out of our mouths. We are to build others up and stay away from anything that can cause our brothers to stumble. Be imitators of [...]

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