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Bible verses about conformity We are not to try to make Christianity align with culture and the world. Did any Biblical leaders water down the gospel to be like the world? We are seeing more and more worldly Christians and churches. Why do you think many who say Lord Lord will be denied Heaven? We [...]


Bible verses about divination Divination is seeking knowledge of the future by supernatural means. Watch out for people who claim that divination is not prohibited in Scripture because it clearly is. In many churches today there is divination being practiced. If you go to a church who practices this satanic garbage you must leave that [...]

Appearance Of Evil

Bible verses about appearance of evil Christians must walk like children of the light. We must walk by the Spirit. We can’t live in sin and evilness. We are to also stay away from anything that looks evil that can cause other believers to stumble. One example of this is shacking up with your girlfriend [...]


Bible verses about abandonment Jesus who is God in the flesh said, “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Every Christian goes through times where it feels like God has abandoned them. It feels like He has left us. We think that He’s mad at us. We pray and we pray and still nothing. [...]


Bible verses about atheism Atheists are some of the most religious and faithful people ever. It takes an incredible amount of faith to be an atheist. Sun, moon, stars, oceans, the Earth, animals, babies, male, female, the human heart, emotions, our conscience, love, intelligence, the human mind, bone structure, the human reproductive system, biblical prophecies [...]

Evil And Evil Doers

Bible verses about evil What is evil? Evil is anything that is opposite to the holy character of God. Anything contrary to the will of God is evil. There is no denying that evil exists in the world. Skeptics use evil to disprove God. However, one of the ways that we know God is real [...]

Being Calm

Bible verses about being calm In life there will be times when it’s hard to remain calm, but instead of worrying and dwelling on the problem we must seek the Lord. It is crucial that we get away from all the noise around us and all the noise in our heart and find a quiet place [...]


Bible verses about justice Our God is a God of justice and He never perverts it. We are to be followers of the Lord and we’re to never judge unfairly. God will give everyone what they deserve. It is said by many fake Christians that God loves and He never hates, which is a lie. [...]


Bible verses about philosophy The Word of God puts the evilness of philosophy to shame. Remember there’s a way that seems right that leads to death. Should Christians study philosophy? We must be careful that we are not deceived by it because many have been, but I believe it would be useful for apologetics to [...]

Worshipping Mary

Bible verses about worshipping Mary Bowing down and praying is a form of worship. Catholics bow down and pray to statues and images of Mary which Scripture clearly forbids. They worship Mary more than they do Jesus Christ. Nowhere in Scripture does it say Mary will be a mediator. Nowhere in Scripture does it say [...]

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