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Don’t Take The Mark Of The Beast

Greetings! This post will be a bit more serious than what I normally do, so brace yourselves! It is about what the book of Revelations calls the “mark of the beast.” What is it and why should we avoid it? How will God respond if we do get this mark? Are there consequences if we [...]

What Does The Bible Say About Work Ethic?

It is primarily evident even during the ancient times, people give value to work ethics. There is much to be said about values in terms of labor even in the Scriptures, on what God intends for men on how they see the use and value of their employment and enjoy the fruit of labor born [...]


Bible verses about martyrs The cost of serving Jesus Christ is your life. Even though in America you don’t hear about these stories, Christian martyrdom is still happening today. Almost all of the 12 disciples were killed for spreading the Word of God and not denying God because of their faith. This is one reason [...]

Being Naive

Bible verses about being naive There are so many gullible Christians who just believe every false teaching they’re told. Instead of reading Scripture to find out if the teaching was accurate they would rather believe it and live it out. Why do you think cults go after the naive? Sometimes so-called Christians deliberately let themselves [...]

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