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Methodist Vs Presbyterian 

What is the difference between the Methodist and Presbyterian church? The Methodist and Presbyterian movements both got their beginnings in the Protestant movement before splitting into different denominations. They are also among the most well-liked among Christians in the US. However, in terms of their religious doctrine, rituals, and systems of government, both faiths have [...]

What does the Bible say about Christmas? How should Christmas be celebrated? What is advent all about? Has someone ever told you that Christmas is a “pagan holiday” and shouldn’t be celebrated by Christians? What does the Bible say about Christmas? That is what we will learn today. I encourage you to not only use [...]

Is God Real?

Many people ask is God real or not? Does God exist? Is there evidence for God? What are the arguments for God’s existence? Is God alive or dead? Maybe you’ve struggled with these questions in your mind. This is what this article is all about. Interestingly, the Bible makes no argument for the existence of [...]

What does the Bible say about tattoos? Many Christians wonder are tattoos a sin and should they get one? I believe tattoos are sinful and believers should stay away from them. Tattoos have been known as a sin in Christianity for centuries, but now things are changing. The things that were once considered sinful are [...]

Delayed Prayers

I don’t believe there is a such thing as a delayed prayer. In our fallible minds prayers might seem delayed when they are not answered immediately, but God is always on time. We worry so much about our timing that we forget about God’s timing. God is not like man. What we deem to be [...]


Bible verses about backsliding Throughout the Bible we see time and time again where God’s own people turn their backs on Him. Some of you reading this don’t love God the way that you used to. Prayer is a burden now. Reading Scripture is a burden now. You don’t witness to the lost anymore. Your [...]

Bible verses about giving to the poor Scripture tells us that it’s always more blessed to give than receive. Christians should always give to the homeless and needy. God loves a cheerful giver. Christians are to be kindhearted and loving with everyone even with our enemies. If we have it and a poor man asks [...]


Bible verses about homeschooling There are many advantages to homeschooling such as your child can get the attention needed and doesn’t have to worry about the teacher helping other kids. Schools in America have thrown away Bibles and are teaching kids lies and evilness. They are teaching that premarital sex and homosexuality is OK. Kids [...]

What does the Bible say about Ten Commandments? Many people falsely think they are Christians because they obey the Ten Commandments, obey the Bible, and are good people. How can you be saved by your own merits if you broke one of God’s commandments? God desires perfection and you can never reach that. If you [...]

Idle Hands

Bible verses about idle hands The phrase idle hands are the devil’s workshop is not biblical, but it is indeed true especially in America. Many people are being sloth and doing nothing with their lives when they need to be doing something. They would rather play video games, sleep, and remain lazy then be productive. God does [...]

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