Why should God let you into Heaven?

Do you know the answer? Are you confident in your salvation?

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Jesus’ Love

Bible verses about Jesus’ love  How often do you acknowledge the second person of the Trinity in prayer? God the Son Jesus Christ became the propitiation for our sins. He redeemed us with His own blood and He is worthy of our entire selves. Throughout the Old and New Testament there are so many passages [...]

How To Worship God?

It seems harder than ever to make time to worship God. Whether it’s a busier schedule because of homeschooling, added stress, or church being closed, I think all of us can say this is an area that can use some serious growth. However, the craziness of this year can’t be all to blame. If we’re [...]

God’s Love For Us

Bible verses about God’s love for us Many of us have a hard time understanding the love of God. I personally have struggled with understanding His great love for me. I used to live like His love was dependent on my performance on my walk of faith, which is idolatry. My mindset was, “I have [...]

What does the Bible say about baptism? Are you searching for baptism Bible verses? What is baptism according to the Bible? Let’s find out! One of the biggest questions in Christianity is the nature and purpose of water baptism. To even ask the question ‘what is baptism and what is it for’ is to drag [...]

Calvinism Vs Arminianism

It is a debate that goes back nearly 500 years and continues today. Does the Bible teach Calvinism or Arminianism; synergism or monergism, the free will of man or the sovereign decree of God? At the heart of the debate is one central question: what is the ultimate determining factor in salvation: God’s sovereign will [...]

Happiness Vs Joy

The words are very similar. Happiness and joy. They are sometimes used interchangeably in the Bible. Historically, great church theologians have not made a distinction between the two. The distinction we will make is not so much in the substance of happiness vs. the substance of joy, but in the object of happiness vs. the [...]

Dispensations In The Bible

When it comes to the study of Eschatology, the study of the End of Times, there are several modes of thought. One of the most prevalent is dispensationalism. Let’s learn more about the 7 dispensations in the Bible. What is a dispensationalist? A dispensationalist is someone who adheres to the theory of Dispensations. That is [...]

Torah Vs Bible

Jews and Christians are known as People of the Book. This is in reference to the Bible: God’s Holy Word. But how different is the Torah from the Bible? History  The Torah is part of the sacred Scriptures of the Jewish people. The Hebrew Bible, or Tanakh, is typically divided into three parts: the Torah, [...]


Bible verses about faith When people want to read about faith the first place they go to is Hebrews 11. It is truly a beautiful chapter. So many miraculous things were done by pure faith without even a Bible. Why aren’t these things being done today? Today we don’t know about true faith. Men of [...]

Raising Children

Bible Verses About Raising Children Children are such a beautiful gift, and unfortunately today we see more than ever that they are being seen as a burden. This mentality is so far from what God would ever want. It’s our job as Christians to really expose the beauty of parenting. Though children do take a [...]

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