Why should God let you into Heaven?

Do you know the answer? Are you confident in your salvation?

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The cross upon which Jesus died is the eternal burial place of sin. When Jesus decided to take our burden of sin on His shoulders, He also chose to take the punishment too and die so that man could live eternally. The people chose for Jesus to die a Roman death on a cross, making [...]

What does the Bible say about poverty? In life one thing that will never change is the huge number of people living in poverty. As Christians we must give all we can to the poor and never close our eyes to their cries. Closing our eyes to the poor is like doing it to Jesus, [...]

What does the Bible say about enemies? This topic is something we all struggle with at times. We feel like how can I love someone that keeps sinning against me? They give me no reason to love them. To me this is a reflection of the gospel. Do you give God a reason to love [...]

What does the Bible say about distractions? Distraction from God is extremely dangerous. As believers we believe that God is the captain of our ship. When you start losing sight of your captain, you start trying to steer your own ship. Not only does this lead to going the wrong way, but it can lead [...]

What does the Bible say about revenge? The eye for an eye quote should not be used to seek retaliation. Not only did Jesus teach us to turn the other way, but He also showed us with His life. The sinful self wants to lash out in anger. It wants others to feel the same [...]

What does the Bible say about caring for the sick? Just like doctors and nurses, Christians are to take care of the sick. It can be your spouse, friend, parents, the elderly, siblings, or even people when on mission trips. When you serve others you are doing the same thing for Christ. Be imitators of [...]

What does the Bible say about death penalty? Capital punishment is a very controversial topic. In the Old Testament we see that God commanded people to be executed for murder and various other crimes such as adultery, homosexuality, sorcery, kidnapping, etc. God instituted the death penalty and Christians are to never try to fight against it. [...]

If we’re honest, we all struggle to control our thoughts. Ungodly and evil thoughts are constantly seeking to wage war in our minds. The question is, do you dwell on those thoughts or fight to switch those thoughts? First and foremost, God gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. In our struggle, we can rest in [...]


Bible verses about famine Throughout the world we hear about famines not only about food, but of the Word of God. There is a spiritual famine going on and it will only get worse. People don’t want to hear the truth anymore. They don’t want to hear about sin and hell. They would rather find [...]

Keeping Your Faith While Grieving

Keeping your faith when things are going great seems easy but how do we keep the faith when things seems to be falling apart around us? As Christians, we are not promised a problem free life, but we are guaranteed a Savior that is always by our side. I was a senior in high school [...]

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