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Bible verses about Christianity In all the world religions, the primary difference between them and Christianity is the person Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus? Why does knowing EXACTLY who He is matter so much?  Who is Jesus Christ? Why does knowing EXACTLY who He is matter so much? Let’s found out more about the Christian [...]


Bible verses about education In this article, let’s learn what the Bible has to say about education and how God views education and learning. Quotes  “A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education.” Theodore Roosevelt “The Bible is the foundation of all education and development.” “The greatest education is the [...]

Remaining Firm In Faith And Confident In Your Identity

I had a friend ask me a couple of days ago how I remain firm in my faith and confident in my identity in Christ being a woman in today’s brutal society. I quickly responded by saying prayer, renewal of the mind and a couple of other things but that question remained in my mind [...]

Dinosaurs In The Bible

Bible verses about dinosaurs What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? Many people ask are there dinosaurs in the Bible? Did they really exist? How did dinosaurs become extinct? What can we learn from them? These are three of several questions that we will be answering in this article today. Even though the word dinosaur [...]

Virtuous Woman

Bible verses about virtuous woman A virtuous woman is nothing like what you see in the world today. You can marry a beautiful woman, but beauty doesn’t make a virtuous woman.  If she is lazy, nagging, and lacks discernment, then she is not a virtuous woman and you should be careful with making a woman [...]

Baptist Vs Lutheran

Baptist vs Lutheran is a common denomination comparison. Do you ever pass a church while driving down the road and wonder what that denomination believes? The Lutheran and the Baptist denominations have distinctive differences in doctrine and how their faith is practiced. Let’s look at what these two denominations have in common and where they [...]

Christian Sex Positions

Have you ever wondered what can Christians do during sex? You’re not the only one. Many couples ask is it wrong for me and my spouse to do any sex position besides missionary? Would God find it acceptable you ask? Let’s look at what the Bible says. Proverbs 5:18-19 “Let your fountain be blessed, and [...]

Praying Women In The Bible

“A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape. But a woman of strength kneels in prayer and keeps her soul in shape.” We are commanded to pray. Even though God knows our needs before we even think to ask Him. We can trust that God, in His providence will meet [...]


Bible verses about discipleship A Christian disciple is a follower of Christ, but one thing you must know is the cost of following Jesus Christ is your life. It will cost you everything. You will have to say no to temptations and the things of this world. You will have to follow Him through trials, [...]

Is It A Sin To Play Video Games?

Many believers wonder can Christians play video games? It depends. There are no Bible verses that say we can’t play video games. Of course the Bible was written way before gaming systems, but it still leaves us with biblical principles to follow. Before we start, in my honest opinion we play way too much video [...]

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