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Bible verses about unity God has been leading me to pray for more unity amongst believers. This is something that has burdened my heart because I believe it burdens God’s heart. We would be able to do so much more if we took the time to stop bickering over the most meaningless things and we [...]

Identity In Christ

Bible verses about identity Where does your identity lie? It’s so easy to say Christ, but is this actually a reality in your life? I’m not trying to be hard on you.  I’m coming from a place of experience. I’ve said my identity was found in Christ, but due to a change in circumstances I [...]

Medi-Share Review

Do you need healthcare for 2018? If so, then this Medi-Share review is just what you need. Healthcare costs are rising at a rapid rate due to price transparency, more emergency room care, rise of chronic illness & obesity, rising pharmacy costs, etc. Medi-Share is an alternative healthcare option for Christians. We’ve all heard the radio [...]


Bible verses about conviction  There are many scriptures that deal with conviction. We think of conviction as something bad when in actuality it’s good and it shows man his need for forgiveness. Here are 25 awesome scriptures to help you to learn more about conviction.     Quotes  “Having convictions can be defined as being [...]


Bible verses about idolatry  Everything belongs to God. Everything is about God. We have to understand who God is. He is not a god He is the one and only God of the universe, who reveals Himself supremely in the person of Jesus Christ. Romans 1 tells us that idolatry is exchanging the truth of [...]

Bible verses about encouraging one another  In John 16:33 Jesus said, “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” Jesus allowed us to know that trials will happen in our life. However, He ended [...]


Bible verses about missions It’s a serious thing to talk about missions and it should be treated as such. As missionaries, we are bringing the gospel to dead men. We won’t stop until the flag of Jesus Christ is raised in every nation. As missionaries, we are building up the bride of Christ in another [...]


Bible verses about journey Have you recently trusted in Christ alone for salvation? Now it’s time to start your journey. Your Christian journey will not be easy, but God will give you strength to press on daily and overcome any situation. God promises to work in your life until the end to make you more [...]


Bible verses about mercy When you think of God’s mercy you automatically think about grace. Many people get the two mixed up. Although they are close in meaning they are not the same thing. Grace is God’s unmerited favor and it goes beyond mercy. Mercy is God not giving us the punishment that we deserve [...]

Is Smoking Weed A Sin?

Can Christians smoke weed? No, and yes smoking pot is indeed a sin. This new generation of professing Christians does not care for God’s Word. They will make so many different excuses and twist words to justify sin. Before I became a Christian I was a pothead. It was my idol. Although it is extremely [...]

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