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Bible Verses About Joy

What is joy in the Bible? One of the most important things in the Christian life is joy. However, it seems as if far too many believers are living without joy. It seems as if we’re just barely getting by and going through the daily motions of life. We were meant for so much more than this! Let’s [...]

Bible Prayers

Prayers from the Bible The Bible is filled with prayers. Every biblical leader knew the importance of prayer. People prayed for understanding, blessings, strength, healing, family, direction, unbelievers, and more. Today, we cast so much doubt on God. He’s the same God. If He answered then, He will answer now. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17 “Rejoice always, [...]

Anger Management

Bible verses about anger management Are you currently struggling with anger and forgiveness? Is there a bitterness in your heart that is holding you back from the abundant life that Christ had planned for you? Anger is a destructive sin that destroys us from within. If not treated immediately it can turn into something catastrophic. As [...]

Insurance Quotes

Quotes about insurance  Whether it’s auto, life, health, home, dental, or disability insurance, we all need insurance. Should a catastrophe happen, let’s make sure that we are protected financially. In this article, we will be learning about the importance of insurance with 70 awesome insurance quotes.     Quotes about life insurance Having life insurance [...]


Bible verses about abandonment Jesus who is God in the flesh said, “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Every Christian goes through times where it feels like God has abandoned them. It feels like He has left us. We think that He’s mad at us. We pray and we pray and still nothing. [...]


Bible verses about hypocrites Hypocrites don’t practice what they preach. They say one thing, but do another. There are many people who claim all Christians are hypocrites without knowing the definition of the word and without knowing what being a Christian means. Hypocrite Definition – a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs [...]

What does the Bible say about happiness? Have you ever wondered how are we able to be happy? Where does happiness come from? It is a gift from God. True happiness is only found in Jesus Christ. Nothing gives you an everlasting joy and happiness like Jesus Christ. Many people try to substitute Christ for [...]


Bible verses about counseling Christian counseling is only using God’s Word to counsel others and has nothing to do with psychological counseling. Biblical counseling is used to teach, encourage, rebuke, and guide to help with issues in life. Counselors should instruct others to take their trust and mind off of the world and put them [...]


Bible verses about stubbornness All believers must guard themselves from stubbornness. Stubbornness causes unbelievers to reject Christ as their Savior. It causes believers to go astray and rebel. It causes false teachers to continue teaching heresy. It causes us to do our will instead of God’s will. God will guide His children, but if we [...]


Bible verses about ghosts Many people ask questions like are there ghosts in the Bible? Are ghosts real? No! I want to be clear that by ghosts I mean a dead person’s spirit. A person who has died and their spirit lives on in a haunted house or something like this. This is only in [...]

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