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Bible verses about sharing Christians are to always share with others even if it is with our enemies. The only way we can happily share and give with others is if we have love. If we don’t have love we will help others out of pressure and with a bad heart. We should all pray [...]

Giving And Generosity

Bible verses about giving Are you storing up treasures in Heaven or on Earth? Many people hate this topic. “Oh no here comes another Christian talking about giving more money again.” When it’s time to give does your heart buckle up? The gospel produces the kind of heart that expresses love. The gospel will produce [...]

Is Wearing Makeup A Sin?

One question that I get often especially from young women is, can Christians wear makeup? Is wearing makeup a sin? Unfortunately, this topic brings a lot of legalism. There is nothing in the Bible that restricts Christian women from wearing makeup. With that said, let’s take a look at a few passages. Quotes “Beauty isn’t about [...]

Judging Others

Bible verses about judging others People are always writing me saying, “don’t judge only God can judge.” This statement is not even in the Bible. Most of the people who say that it is wrong to judge others are not unbelievers. They are people who profess to be Christians. People don’t understand that they are [...]

God Is Working

Bible verses about God is working Don’t be afraid! Don’t you worry. The Lord knows your worries and He is going to provide you with comfort, but you must come to Him. God is working right now! Even though everything seems like it’s falling apart it is actually falling into place. The things that you [...]


Bible verses about travel As Christians we always want to include God in our plans in life. Maybe you or someone you know is on vacation about to go on a trip, if so pray to God for guidance and protection. Sometimes traveling might seem scary because we’re not used to it and can’t see [...]

Jesus Vs God

Have you ever wondered how God the Father and Jesus the Son can be the same Person? Many people wonder, are there differences between Jesus and God? Did Jesus ever actually claim to be God? Can God die? There are several misconceptions regarding the deity of Christ. Let’s take a look at these and several [...]


Bible verses about demons Demons are frequent characters in horror stories and films. Many people claim to have seen them or evidence of demonic possession.  Pagans do rituals to safeguard themselves and their homes from demons entering in. However, what is true? What does the Bible say about demons?     Quotes about demons  “When [...]

Sharing Your Faith

Bible verses about sharing your faith As Christians we must not be afraid to open our mouths and share the gospel. People will not know about Christ by how we live our lives. It is important that we talk and proclaim the good news. I know sometimes we don’t know how to start or we [...]


Bible verses about war War is a difficult subject. One that will bring about very strong feelings on every side. Let’s take a look at what God’s Word says about war. Quotes   “The purpose of all wars, is peace.” – Augustine “Discipleship is always an inescapable war between the kingdom of self and the Kingdom [...]

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