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Bible verses about words Words are powerful, they give expression to the abstract in ways that a single image cannot. The primary way we communicate is through words. Words have specific meanings – and we must us them correctly.     Quotes “Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can be only [...]

The Bible Vs The Book Of Mormon

What are the major differences between the Bible and the Book of Mormon? Is the Book of Mormon reliable? Can we view it with the same regard as we view the Bible? Can anything helpful be gleaned from it?     Authors The Bible Voddie Baucham at the Ever Loving Truth Conference in 2016 said, [...]

How To Read The Bible For Beginners

There are so many things that God wants to tell us through His Word. Unfortunately, our Bibles are closed. Although this article is titled “how to read the Bible for beginners,” this article is for all believers. Most believers struggle with reading the Bible. Here are some things that I do which have helped to strengthen [...]


Bible verses about creation Understanding the Biblical creation account is vitally important. Yet, many churches regard this as a minor issue – one that people can agree to disagree about. However, if you claim that the Biblical creation narrative is not 100% true – it leaves room to doubt the rest of Scripture. We know [...]

Is The Trinity In The Bible?

Christians believe in one living and true God. The Creator of heaven and earth. He is eternal, unchanging, holy, and all-powerful.  He exists as three Persons but One Essence. The three Persons are God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All three are equal and eternal. Let’s find out is the [...]


Bible verses about joy One of the most important things in the Christian life is joy. However, it seems as if far too many believers are living without joy. It seems as if we’re just barely getting by and going through the daily motions of life. We were meant for so much more than this! [...]


Bible verses about wives  Not many subjects are so quick to spark controversy than that of gender roles within marriage. Especially right now in evangelicalism, the subject has been hotly debated. Let’s see what the Bible says about God’s design for wives.     Quotes “Wives, be strong women of God, your strength can uphold [...]

Different Religions In The World

Around the world you will find around four thousand different religions. Many people claim that all religions are virtually equal. That every faith is essentially the same at their core. Is this true? What are the basic tenants of the faiths of the world’s largest religions?   Christianity  To say that you are a Christian, [...]

Sinless Perfectionism

In this article, we will be discussing the heresy of sinless perfectionism. It is impossible to be sinless at any time on our Christian walk of faith. Who could claim to be perfect when we look at what God calls perfection? We are trapped in unreedemed flesh and when we compare ourselves to the perfect [...]

Genuine Prayer

When prayer is not genuine it’s not real prayer. How do we know when our prayers are not genuine? It’s simple! The heart. When your prayers are not genuine your heart does not align with your words. Your words can be eloquent and beautiful while still being filled with deceit and hypocrisy Psalm 55:21. Our [...]

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