Why should God let you into Heaven?

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Missing Someone

Bible verses about missing someone Are you missing a family member or a friend who moved away? Maybe it’s someone who is away just for the moment, or someone who passed away? Whenever you’re missing a loved one seek God’s assistance for comfort. Ask God to encourage and heal your heart. In all situations remember, He is [...]

Job Loss

Bible verses about job loss Losing your job can be very hard for anyone, but we must trust in the Lord. As believers sometimes when things happen to us we wonder what good can come from this? Do not look to what is seen. We must find the blessings of being unemployed. God might have [...]

Witnessing To Others

Bible verses about witnessing to others Whether it’s to unbelievers, Mormons, Catholics, Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, etc. as Christians it is our job to advance the kingdom of God. Ask God to open doors to witness. Don’t be afraid and always preach the truth in love. People need to know about Christ. There is somebody at work [...]

Lending Money

Bible verses about lending money Scripture tells us borrowing money in some cases can be sinful. When Christians lend money to family and friends we should do it out of love not for interest. There are some cases where interests can be taken for example a business deal, but we must watch out for greed [...]

What does the Bible say about equality? Equality is a hot topic in society today: racial equality, gender equality, economic equality, political equality, social equality, and more. What does God has to say about equality? Let’s  explore His multi-faceted teachings diverse types of equality. Christian quotes about equality “Throughout the millennia of human history, up [...]

Be A Warrior Not A Worrier

Worries. We all have them, it’s in our human nature to simply worry about life events or situations. Some of us worry more than others and plenty of us worry so much that we get anxiety from even thinking about all the things that we are worried about. Anyone? Just me? Ah ok. Let’s move [...]


Bible verses about sodomy Anal to anus sex should not be done even if it’s in marriage and it’s very dangerous. The anus has a lot of bacteria and with anal sex there is a greater chance of having anal cancer. Is sodomy a sin? Yes, sodomy is homosexuality and God never intended for a [...]

What does the Bible say about miscarriage? Many expecting couples have been crushed by their baby’s miscarriage. Feelings of loss can be intense, and questions often flood their minds. Is God punishing me? Did I somehow cause my baby’s death? How could a loving God let this happen? Is my baby in heaven? Let’s explore [...]

What does the Bible say about exercise? The Bible has a lot to say about physical fitness and working out our bodies. Exercise is essential because taking care of our body is essential. Scripture tells us to honor the Lord with our bodies. Let’s show our appreciate for what God gave us by exercising and [...]

Covenant Theology Vs Dispensationalism

There is a tremendous amount of debate and confusion over the matters of Eschatology, that is, the Study of the End of Times. Two of the most prevalent school of thoughts are Covenant Theology and Dispensational Eschatology. The matter of Eschatology is a secondary issue, or a Tertiary issue. This is not a cause for [...]

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