Why should God let you into Heaven?

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Remaining Firm In Faith And Confident In Your Identity

I had a friend ask me a couple of days ago how I remain firm in my faith and confident in my identity in Christ being a woman in today’s brutal society. I quickly responded by saying prayer, renewal of the mind and a couple of other things but that question remained in my mind [...]


Bible verses about missions It’s a serious thing to talk about missions and it should be treated as such. As missionaries, we are bringing the gospel to dead men. We won’t stop until the flag of Jesus Christ is raised in every nation. As missionaries, we are building up the bride of Christ in another [...]

Overthinking Quotes

Quotes About Overthinking The human mind is extremely powerful and complex. Unfortunately, we are susceptible to all kinds of disorders in the mind. Whether it is overthinking relationships, situations in life, someone’s motives, etc. we’ve all done it before.   The voices in our head grow louder and louder and we give birth to the [...]

Let’s admit that it can be just plain hard living in a society that praises work and productivity. It seems as though everywhere we look—television, social media, and those who surround us—it is all about ambition, thinking big, and working hard. It just seems like everyone around us is setting and accomplishing goals, waking up [...]

Delayed Prayers

I don’t believe there is a such thing as a delayed prayer. In our fallible minds prayers might seem delayed when they are not answered immediately, but God is always on time. We worry so much about our timing that we forget about God’s timing. God is not like man. What we deem to be [...]

Hard Times

Bible verses about hard times God is going to make a man/woman out of you. It’s easier said than done but rejoice in your hard times by looking for the Lord in your situation. God is going to reveal Himself in your situation but when your eyes are focused on the problem it becomes harder [...]

Eternal Life

Bible verses about eternal life God gives all of us a sense of eternity. Eternal life is a gift from God through Christ. When we think of eternal life we think about life after death but it’s more than that. For the believer, eternal life is now. God is eternal. Eternal life is God’s life [...]

Samaritan Ministries Vs Medi-Share

Sharing ministries are on the rise, but which one should you choose? With several options to choose from we will help you to find the best Christian healthcare alternatives for your family. In this Samaritan Ministries vs MediShare comparison, we will be comparing two growing and popular options. We will go over price, deductibles, their [...]

Encouraging Bible verses to start the day  Do you struggle with discouragement? If so, you are not alone. If there is one battle that I have been struggling with my entire Christian walk, it has to be the battle of discouragement. I have to constantly be encouraged by God and what better way to be constantly [...]

Introvert Vs Extrovert

What is your personality type? Are you introverted or extroverted? Do you ever wonder if God prefers a certain personality type or feel that you must conform to something you’re not just to effectively spread the gospel? This introvert vs extrovert article will explore the meaning of introverted and extroverted, discuss if being introverted is [...]

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