Why should God let you into Heaven?

Do you know the answer? Are you confident in your salvation?

Find out!

What does the Bible say about direction? Here are 25 awesome Scriptures about God’s direction in our lives. God is always moving and He is always directing His children. The question is, are you aware of His guidance? Are you willing to submit to His will over your will? Are you in His Word and [...]

What does the Bible say about being scared? It’s a scary thing to be scared. The reasons I say that is because fear can stop you from doing God’s will. Imagine if a general told someone to go do something and he doesn’t do it because he’s afraid. Because he was too afraid to follow [...]

What does the Bible say about affliction? Regarding this topic the words from Scripture I always remember are “many are the afflictions of the righteous.” Sometimes we might question God and ask, “Lord what did I do wrong? Did I sin?” Scripture makes it clear that even though a believer has been faithful and has [...]

Bodybuilding And Muscles

Bible verses about bodybuilding There is nothing wrong about a Christian weightlifting. Exercising your body is showing appreciation to God for the body He gave us. I lift weights as well and one thing I will say is be careful. Once you start seeing results vanity can start kicking in and you can easily make it [...]

What does the Bible say about hard times? God is going to make a man/woman out of you. It’s easier said than done but rejoice in your hard times by looking for the Lord in your situation. God is going to reveal Himself in your situation but when your eyes are focused on the problem [...]


Bible verses about memories  One of the greatest gifts that God has given humanity is the beautiful gift of memory. In a sense, memory allows us to relive a moment that was so special to us. I’m extremely pensive and I always find myself reminiscing about the past. I love to cherish and hold on [...]

Are you trying to put your church online? Let’s learn how to build a church website now! Whether you want to create a non-denominational, Evangelical, Presbyterian, or Baptist website it is extremely easy and cheap. Church website hosting and WordPress I will show you step by step what you need to do. You want ease of [...]

What does the Bible say about learning? Learning is a blessing from the Lord. Are you growing in your knowledge of God and His Word? The wisdom from the Bible prepares, cautions, encourages, comforts, guides, and supports us in our time of need. Below we will learn more about learning and how we can gain [...]

What does the Bible say about stoning to death? Stoning is a form of capital punishment and it is still used today in some places. While things like being a rebellious child and being involved in witchcraft are still sins we are not to stone others to death because we are under a new covenant. [...]


Bible verses about losing Having a good sense of sportsmanship is a vital lesson to learn in life. We have to learn to win as well as lose. This is not only important on the field but also for several aspects of life: getting a promotion at work, playing a board game amongst family members [...]

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