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Lion Quotes

Quotes about lions Lions are fascinating creatures. We marvel at their brute strength. We are intrigued by their petrifying roars that can be heard 5 miles away. We are captivated by their characteristics. Below we will learn more about how we can implement lion traits into our daily lives.     Lions are fearless Lions [...]

Who Is John Calvin?

In evangelicalism, one of the most polarizing figures is John Calvin. Yet he is considered one of the most important protestant theologian of all time. Who was he and what did John Calvin teach?   Who was John Calvin? On July 10, 1509 in Noyon, Picardy France, John Calvin was born. His parents were Gerard [...]

John 1:1 Commentary

ESV In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. – John 1:1 Greek En arche ēn ho Logos, kai ho Logos ēn pros ton Theon, kai Theos ēn o Logos. –  John 1:1   Observations: 1. Here the Word (‘ho Logos’) is declared to be “in [...]

Moving Away Quotes

Quotes about moving away In most people’s lives there is always going to be a time when you move from one place to another. It might be because your parents got a new job opportunity. It might be because you are going to college. It might because there was a death in the family. Moving [...]

Love Is About Quotes

As Valentine’s Day nears, we hear the word love more often. Love is a powerful word that has the ability to change someone’s life instantly. If we’re honest, we all desire love, but what is true love about? Let’s learn more with these inspirational quotes about love.     Love is built Contrary to popular [...]

Christianity Vs Jehovah Witness

Every Jehovah’s Witness will tell you that they are Christians. But are they? In this article I will explore the very significant differences between historical Christianity and the Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs. By the end, I think you will see that gulf is indeed wide between true, biblical Christianity, and the theology taught by the Watch [...]


Bible verses about humility  You cannot get through your Christian walk of faith without being humble. Without humbleness you will not be able to do God’s will. Even when He convicts you in prayer you will say I’m not going to do that. You will make every excuse in the world. Pride can eventually lead [...]

Life Insurance Quotes

Quotes about about life insurance  Are you considering getting life insurance? If so, then you will love this article. In this article, we will be revealing the importance of life insurance through these awesome quotes.     The important of life insurance  Discussing life insurance with your family may not be the most exhilarating conversation, [...]

Knowing Your Worth Quotes

Quotes about knowing your worth It’s a beautiful thing when see ourselves as God sees us. Maybe you’re struggling to see yourself in that way. If so, my hope for you is that you are blessed by these inspirational quotes. I also encourage you to pray that God opens your eyes to your identity in [...]


Bible verses about adventure When your heart is set upon Christ the Christian life is far from boring. It’s filled with adventure and many exciting moments. Walking intimately with our Savior is a lifelong journey in which you are being molded into His image. Let’s learn more about the Christian adventure below.   Quotes “Life [...]

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