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Catholic Vs Orthodox

The Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church have a long history and many shared doctrines and traditions. However, both churches have significant differences with each other and even greater differences with evangelical churches. History of the Roman Catholic church and Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox were originally one church, claiming the “apostolic [...]

What does the Bible say about loving thy neighbor? The world around us seems to be at great animosity with one another. Physical abuse, crimes against humanity, and hatred seem to be coming at us from all sides. It is during a time like this that it is important to remember what the Bible says [...]


Bible verses about coveting One of the Ten Commandments is “You shall not covet.” Be content with what you have and don’t desire things that don’t belong to you. You will never be happy when you covet, but when you seek Christ and keep your mind on Him you will always have joy. Life is [...]

What does the Bible say about tithes and offering? When tithing is mentioned in a sermon, many church members will eyeball the pastor suspiciously. Others may moan in despair thinking that the church is just wanting to guilt them into giving. But what is tithing? What does the Bible say about it?   Christian quotes [...]

The Unforgivable Sin

Bible verses about the unforgivable sin Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit or the unpardonable sin was when the Pharisees who had clear proof that Jesus was God refused to acknowledge him as God. Even after reading about him, seeing him do miracles and fulfill biblical prophecies, hearing about him doing miracles, etc. they refused to [...]

Dinosaurs In The Bible

Bible verses about dinosaurs What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? Many people ask are there dinosaurs in the Bible? Did they really exist? How did dinosaurs become extinct? What can we learn from them? These are three of several questions that we will be answering in this article today. Even though the word dinosaur [...]

Come As You Are

Bible verses about come as you are Many people wonder does the Bible say come as you are? The answer is no. Worldly churches love this phrase to build members. Whenever I see or hear this phrase being used usually people mean to come and stay as you are. They say don’t worry, God doesn’t [...]

Ungrateful People

Bible verses about ungrateful people People today are being less content and not seeing true blessings. It’s not only children being ungrateful it’s adults as well. Probably the type of ungratefulness I despise the most is when someone complains there is no food inside their house. By that they mean the particular food they want [...]


Bible verses about brothers There are many different brothers in the Bible. Some relationships were filled with love and sadly some were filled with hate. When Scripture talks about brothers it’s not always blood related. Brotherhood can be a close friendship you have with someone. It can be other believers within the body of Christ. [...]

Bible Verses About 666

What does the Bible say about 666? The concept of 666 being the “devils number” is found in many places. We can see this concept being preached in some denominations and we can see this concept being used in movie plots around the world. Even in occult practices, the number 666 is associated with Satan. [...]

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