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Divination In The Bible

Bible verses about divination Divination is seeking knowledge of the future by supernatural means. Watch out for people who claim that divination is not prohibited in Scripture because it clearly is. In many churches today there is divination being practiced. If you go to a church who practices this satanic garbage you must leave that [...]

Bible Verses About Yoga

What does the Bible say about yoga? Are you looking for yoga Scriptures? The goal of yoga is to be one with the universe. In Scripture you will not find anything to justify the practice of yoga. You can try to justify your sins but remember God is not mocked. You are the creation, you [...]


Bible verses about materialism I would like to start off by saying everyone has material things. When the need for possessions becomes obsessive it is not only sinful, it is dangerous. Materialism is idolatry and it never leads to godliness. Paul Washer made a great statement. Things are only obstacles that get in the way of [...]

What does the Bible say about darkness? When Scripture talks about darkness usually it is referring to a sinful path. Jesus is the light and Satan is darkness. Spiritually blind people are living in darkness. They can’t understand the gospel or biblical things. They can’t see. They are blind and they can’t see that they’re [...]

What does the Bible say about manipulation? Watch out because there will be many people in life who will try to manipulate you or maybe they already have. There will be stiff penalties for these people because God is never mocked. They try to manipulate by twisting, removing, or adding on to Scripture. Examples of [...]


Bible verses about martyrs The cost of serving Jesus Christ is your life. Even though in America you don’t hear about these stories, Christian martyrdom is still happening today. Almost all of the 12 disciples were killed for spreading the Word of God and not denying God because of their faith. This is one reason [...]

What does the Bible say about loving thy neighbor? The world around us seems to be at great animosity with one another. Physical abuse, crimes against humanity, and hatred seem to be coming at us from all sides. It is during a time like this that it is important to remember what the Bible says [...]

What does the Bible say about hand of God? Why should Christians fear when we’re in God’s hands, the creator of the universe? He will guide you through every tough situation and direct you on the right path. When we’re going through trials we might not understand the moving hand of God, but later you [...]

What does the Bible say about trusting God? You can trust God. Many of you are going through the biggest storm of your life, but I want you to know that you can really trust God. I’m not a motivational speaker. I’m not trying to be cliche with things that all Christians may say. I’m [...]

What does the Bible say about the Prodigal Son? Most people have heard of the prodigal son, but not everyone knows the definition of prodigal. A child who is wasteful, reckless, and extravagant creates a prodigal child. Essentially, they choose to live lavishly without a care for the consequences of their life, and it’s nearly [...]

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