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Bible verses about volunteering All Christians have different gifts from God and we are to use those gifts to serve others. It is always more blessed to give than receive. We should give our time and do volunteer work as well as give money, food, and clothes to the poor. Two is always better than [...]

There are over a thousand reasons to thank God daily. The first thing you should do when you wake up is get quiet with God and thank Him. Sometimes we lose sight of what is in front of us. How many times a week do you thank Jesus Christ for saving you? Be content with what [...]


Bible verses about confidence We all need confidence, but the question is where does true confidence come from? It only comes from Christ. If your confidence is coming from any other source it will fail in the end. I believe that in this generation confidence is found in the world. Confidence is found in status, [...]

Asking For Help

Bible verses about asking for help Many people hate to ask others for help. They have that “I can do it on my own” mentality. In life when something is broken in the home, wives say, “call someone to fix it.” Men say, “why when I can do it myself” even though he doesn’t know [...]


Bible verses about braggers In Scripture, we see that God does not approve of boasters. God commands us to humble ourselves before Him. Showing off and praising yourself never gives God glory. If you are going to boast, then boast in the Lord. A good example of sinful braggers in Scripture were the self-righteous Pharisees. Be on [...]


Bible verses about running Running of all kinds whether jogging, doing marathons, etc. reminds me of the Christian life. It might hurt, but you have to keep on running. Some days you might feel so discouraged and feel like you have let God down and because of it you might feel like quitting. But the [...]

Loving Yourself

Bible verses about loving yourself There are two types of loving yourself. There is being conceited, prideful, and arrogant thinking you’re better than everyone, which is a sin and there is naturally loving yourself. Naturally loving yourself is being thankful of what God made. Scripture never says to love yourself because it is normal to [...]


Let’s find the best Bible translation for your needs. In this comparison, we have two very different Bible translations. We have the King James Version and we have the New International Version. But what makes them so different? Let’s take a look! Origin  KJV – The KJV was originally published in 1611. This translation is [...]

Tulip In Calvinism Explained

In Evangelicalism there is much debate over the teachings of Calvinism, as well as a tremendous amount of misinformation. In this article, I hope to clarify some of the confusion. What is Calvinism? Calvinism did not actually start with John Calvin. This doctrinal stance is also known as Augustinianism. Historically, this soteriology understanding is what [...]

Happiness Vs Joy

The words are very similar. Happiness and joy. They are sometimes used interchangeably in the Bible. Historically, great church theologians have not made a distinction between the two. The distinction we will make is not so much in the substance of happiness vs. the substance of joy, but in the object of happiness vs. the [...]

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