Why should God let you into Heaven?

Do you know the answer? Are you confident in your salvation?

Find out!

Being Overwhelmed

Bible verses about being overwhelmed When feeling overwhelmed and stressed out instead of focusing on the problem put your focus on God. Trust in God and His promise that He will always be there for you. Sometimes we just need to stop everything and work wiser. We need to stop working so hard and rely [...]

Bad Luck

Bible verses about bad luck Feeling like you’re unlucky usually comes from being in trials in life, which God uses to build your faith and make you stronger. Rest assured if you’re a Christian Satan can’t harm you so you’ll never have bad luck. Don’t fear you are free from curses indeed. Remember we live [...]


Bible verses about plagiarism Plagiarism is a sin. Not only is it stealing, it is deceiving others as well and Christians should have no part of it. In Christianity plagiarism can happen when writing, but it can also happen when preaching as well. Everyone wants to give that great sermon so bad that people are [...]

I’ve been living in London, UK for almost two years. When I moved here I didn’t think much beyond convenience – I’d gotten a job in the city so I needed to relocate. My new area was just a base; somewhere to rest my head at night as I repeated the daily grind day after [...]

Healing Doesn’t Come From Hiding

When I was in eighth grade, someone said that I was a pessimist and I accepted that as the truth about who I was. Sure, I was and still can be a grump in the mornings, but I had never thought of myself as “a person who tends to see the worst aspect of things [...]

How To Know God Is With You?

Seven years ago, my world was flipped on its head. I was a freshman in college on a long weekend home when I found out my Nana was dying. I had a choice to make, go back to school as planned, or go to Houston with my parents to say goodbye. I choose to say [...]

How Do You Find Peace And Rest?

“How do I find rest and peace?” asked every human ever. We all go through rough patches in life and we all just want these two things. As Christians, we have access to peace and rest in Christ.  Philippians 4:7 says “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and [...]

Being Naive

Bible verses about being naive There are so many gullible Christians who just believe every false teaching they’re told. Instead of reading Scripture to find out if the teaching was accurate they would rather believe it and live it out. Why do you think cults go after the naive? Sometimes so-called Christians deliberately let themselves [...]


Bible verses about braggers In Scripture, we see that God does not approve of boasters. God commands us to humble ourselves before Him. Showing off and praising yourself never gives God glory. If you are going to boast, then boast in the Lord. A good example of sinful braggers in Scripture were the self-righteous Pharisees. Be on [...]

A New Season

One of my favorite things about spring, is the change. After a long winter that is just cold, gray and bleak, it just leads me to love spring. The sound of the birds, the sunshine, the increase in temperature, flowers growing, the green color…. I love every detail. I also think one of my favorite [...]

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