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How Do I Know What My Gifts Are?

What is God’s Gift to You?

At a recent prayer meeting—that took place at my church—my friend who I attend with regularly received a request from a student faced with confusion (about his future). He wasn’t sure where he was headed in terms of college—and then after—so in turn reached out in prayer for clarity and guidance from the Lord.

How Do I Know What My Gifts Are? (3 Things To Ask Yourself)

It caused me to flashback to my senior year of high school as I, too was oblivious of what was to come. For, my plan—and purpose—seemed out of sight, and the road in which I was walking wasn’t parallel to that of God’s—as it began to curve left. I soon began to question myself in terms of my gifts—and what my future had to offer me—but in doing so I came to recognize my gift through the greatest gifts of all—this life, and the love which God has for me.

As a little girl growing up I had always enjoyed art. The feel of the soft clay in the crevices of each finger, and the excitement that came with glazing the finished piece—watching it from outside the kiln—and the process of awaiting its completion. My impatience would cause a tingly sensation of anticipation to run up the course of both arms, and swarm into the pit of my chest. I often times dreamed of being the next Picasso or Van Gogh—but as hours turned to days, and days turned to years, I found that dream begin to slip away, and replace itself with another. In turn, I also came to a realization we await the completion of our dreams with such anticipation—and/or to such an extent—that we pass by the preparation and process of our gifts.

Now as a young adult, I look back at my art, and various pieces cause me to question “what exactly is it?” with a muddled expression upon my face. But, it wasn’t until I began to flash back to my 6th grade year that I finally saw all that God was preparing me for, as each creative aspect (which came with my art), remained within my memory. As a result, it enabled me to look at the world as a whole and see it for what it truly is…beautiful. I begin to come to terms with the mercy of our Painter, as each stroke of His brush holds the power of creation, and the joy that comes with His promises.

The result of my journey is still remembering my first middle school English class like it was yesterday, and the thick wooden desk where I wrote my first tanka. I played with rhyme and repetition for the longest time—enthralled by strict usage of syllables—and the act of constructing such a creative piece with so little room to do so. It was as though time was of the essence, and I had to make use of every bit of it, through description and detail.

In turn, ask yourself this question, as did I;

  1. “Is the pursuit of your passion preventing you from the preparation that God wants to begin in you?”

For, God brings certain opportunity into our life to prepare us for the future that our gift beholds, but often times we fail to notice—as we begin to glorify ourselves rather than that of God. We focus so much on “What do I do next to fulfill my dream?” rather than “I’ll follow you,” and in turn, we miss the step-by-step process which God has laid out for us.

Then ask yourself,

  1. “Where is the nearest possible place you can start living out the dream God has given you?”

Start at the beginning…by determining your God given gifts through His Holy Spirit. For, when we begin to recognize the beautiful talents within our lives that God has granted upon us, we finally begin to feel thankful for that which we have, rather than being envious of others—and/or that which we don’t have. We begin to celebrate our differences, rather than be fearful of them.

Therefore, when discerning/determining your gift, pray, ponder, and ask yourself these 3 questions;

  1. “What comes to you easier than it comes to everyone else?”

We all have areas which we thrive in (our strengths) and areas where we struggle (our weaknesses). However, that doesn’t make us any less than equal, but gives us a reason to share in our gifts with others. In turn, it unites us as followers of Christ, helps us grow closer to one another, and serves a reminder of how unique each of us are made in the hands of a creator who loves us so.

2. Does it bring glory to God, and set your heart on fire?

For, I know when I write, I feel myself draw close to the Lord. It’s almost like that puppy love feeling of butterflies in your stomach, only for me it takes place in my heart. It’s as though something ignites within me—and in the midst of it all— peace is placed upon my soul, and God’s love is made known to me. For, it shelters me—and begins to blanket the inner lining of my heart.

3. Does it humble you?

For, it’s only then that you begin to understand the great depth of God’s love for you. For, the greatest gift of all is the life that God has given us.

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works.”

Psalm 139:14

Therefore, see yourself through God’s eyes, for you were made perfect in His image, and not meant to be like anyone/everyone else. You were meant to be you. In turn, “don’t be afraid of the differences, but celebrate them from the Holy Spirit who gave each one.”

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