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Serving Two Masters

Bible verses about serving two masters If you try to serve both God and money you will only end up serving money. A good example of this is professing Christian actors who are in sex scenes and play ungodly roles in movies. You say you love God, but the money makes you compromise and with [...]

Delayed Prayers

I don’t believe there is a such thing as a delayed prayer. In our fallible minds prayers might seem delayed when they are not answered immediately, but God is always on time. We worry so much about our timing that we forget about God’s timing. God is not like man. What we deem to be [...]

We always hear Christians say things like “I have been doing everything right. I have been fasting and praying, giving, loving my neighbor, obeying the Lord, reading Scripture daily, and walking faithfully with the Lord. What did I do wrong? Why has God allowed me to go through such hard times? Does He not care [...]


Bible verses about distractions Distraction from God is extremely dangerous. As believers we believe that God is the captain of our ship. When you start losing sight of your captain, you start trying to steer your own ship. Not only does this lead to going the wrong way, but it can lead you in the [...]

Does God Love Animals?

We love our dogs, cats, birds, turtles, but God loves them as well. Not only does He love pets, but God loves all animals. We never take the time to recognize God’s awesome creation. Animals can love, they can grieve, they get excited, etc. In a way they are just like us. Animals show us [...]

Peace That Surpasses All Understanding

Two years ago, I was living what I thought was my best life. I was super involved in my church, my marriage was going well, and I felt like I was walking in my calling. Each day I was putting on the armor of God and going to battle for the kingdom. I was fighting [...]

Being Still

Bible verses about being still There’s just too much noise! There’s just too much movement! Have you ever wondered how some Christians can be going through the worst pain and suffering and still they have joy? It’s because they are being still. They put all their worries in God’s hands. Instead of listening to the [...]

We all heard the quote “pray hardest when it is hardest to pray.” This quote means when things get tough that is when you should be seeking the Lord the most. It is so easy to get discouraged when trials occur. When trials occur many people give up, get discouraged, and think to themselves, “It doesn’t [...]

Cessationism Vs Continuationism

One of the big debates in theological circles today is that of continuationism and cessationism. Before an analysis can begin it is first necessary to describe what these two terms mean. Continuationism is the belief that some gift of the Holy Spirit, that are mentioned in Scripture, ceased with the death of the last apostle. [...]

Hidden in the book of Acts (20:7-12), there is a young man named Eutychus sitting on the windowsill in a tall building, listening to St. Paul talk about the life saving message of salvation and redemption, teaching the people of Toroas. This was one of those meetings of the early church, trying to figure out [...]

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