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How To Have A Clear Mind?

About a week ago, I wanted to turn my mind off. I would be washing dishes, taking a shower or even lying in bed trying to sleep and my mind wouldn’t turn off. Has that ever happened to you? I remember falling asleep wishing that my ten-month-old baby wouldn’t wake up in the middle of [...]

Showing Off

Bible verses about showing off Whether it is showing off your faith, how smart you are, or your body it is all bad. Showing off is never a good thing. All boasting is evil. If you’re going to boast then boast in Christ. There are many theologians who care more about the Bible than they [...]

Keeping Your Faith While Grieving

Keeping your faith when things are going great seems easy but how do we keep the faith when things seems to be falling apart around us? As Christians, we are not promised a problem free life, but we are guaranteed a Savior that is always by our side. I was a senior in high school [...]


Bible verses about curiosity We’ve all heard the quote, “curiosity killed the cat.” Curiosity can indeed lead you down a dark path. Christians must be careful to walk by the Holy Spirit. It is extremely easy to fall into sin and Satan can entice you. All it takes is one time. People say, “why is [...]

From Mess to Fresh

The alarm went off, I put it on SNOOZE, and then, I fell back to sleep expecting another alarm to follow. However, it didn’t. When I opened my eyes, I bolted out of bed, skipped the make-up, and I was running out the door five minutes later. I missed breakfast and my coffee, forgot my [...]

God Is Good Even When We Sin

Has this ever come to mind? How is God still good to me when I sin? Sin has entered the human race ever since Adam and Ever ate the forbidden fruit. So, sin then dwells in the flesh. But even when we succumb to our flesh’s desire, God still has mercy upon us. God is [...]


Bible verses about acne Many people ask why did God create acne? Many people struggle with acne even celebrities, but usually it’s only when going through puberty and then it will start to clear up. Most of the time it’s truly not that bad at all just a pimple here and there, but never let your [...]

Seeking Wisdom From God

It happened a year ago. I was coming upon 12 months of residency in the desert land of Scottsdale, Arizona and I had grown tired of leading a dual life. Like having multiple personalities, my life reflected two very different people – one person who was living for the Lord and another who was living for herself. [...]


Bible verses about lasciviousness Lasciviousness is wickedness, lewdness, and lustfulness. There is lasciviousness all around us. It’s all over the internet especially pornography websites. It’s in magazines, movies, song lyrics, social media sites, etc. We hear about it even in schools and our workplace. Bad parents are letting their children indulge in lascivious behavior and [...]

It is always good to exercise to be prepared for anything that God calls us to do, but Christians must be careful. While there are many biblical and health reasons for exercising, always watch out for vanity because if you are not careful exercising can be a huge idol in a believers life, especially when [...]

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