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Bad Reasons For Divorce

There are many Christians who give terrible excuses for why they want a divorce. Right when it gets a little hard they want to call it quits. If this is how you are feeling right now please seek biblical counseling, but most of all you must pray and fast not only for God to change [...]


Bible verses about intelligence Where does intelligence come from? Where does morality come from? The atheist worldview cannot account for these questions. Intelligence cannot come from non-intelligence. All intelligence comes from God. The world could have only been created by someone who is eternal and Scripture says that is God. God is infinitely intelligent and [...]


Bible verses about toil Since the beginning we were all made to toil. Christians are to be a good example of hard work. The one who doesn’t want to work will be disgraced and will come to poverty. Whatever your occupation is, do it with enthusiasm and work hard. Don’t overwork which is very harmful [...]

Remaining Firm In Faith And Confident In Your Identity

I had a friend ask me a couple of days ago how I remain firm in my faith and confident in my identity in Christ being a woman in today’s brutal society. I quickly responded by saying prayer, renewal of the mind and a couple of other things but that question remained in my mind [...]

Who Are My Enemies?

I was convinced without a shadow of a doubt that I had no enemies. No one disliked me that I knew of. I did not hate anyone, had in fact, never hated anyone in my life. So, based on these claims, that could only mean that I had no enemies. I was 16. I was [...]

Early Death

Bible verses about early death It is God’s will to allow some people to die early. Even though you might not know, God knows what He is doing. I’ve noticed that sometimes one death saves the lives of many just like the story of Benji Wilson. One of the effects of sin in the world [...]


Bible verses about usury The usury is America is very sinful and ridiculous. We are not to be like the greedy banking systems and payday loans when giving money to our family, friends, and to the poor. In some cases interest can be taken like business deals. It would be better never to borrow money. [...]

I hate to admit it, but I am a sucker for New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes I still find resolutions I wrote years ago; scrawled out on paper and surrounded with doodles of hearts and stars, as if the more decorated they were, the more likely I’d be to keep them. I find it fun to [...]

Can Christians Do Yoga?

Many people wonder is yoga a sin? We always hear about Christians who practice yoga, but I believe they don’t know the truth. Yoga has demonic roots and can’t be separated from Hinduism and the goal is to be one with the universe. Yoga produces a false idea that says you’re no longer the creation. Yoga takes [...]

I’ve heard many people say, “I feel closer to God when I’m high.” However, is it true? Does weed get you closer to God? Can you sense His presence more? Are the effects of marijuana so great that you can actually feel God? The answer is no! Feelings are very deceptive. Just like you can [...]

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