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Dispensationalism And The Early Church Fathers

INTRODUCTION What is dispensationalism? That word draws different reactions from a variety of Christians. For some it is someone that interprets the Bible in a literal fashion. For some they may see a dispensationalist as confused.  However, there are many that say that dispensationalism has no place in the church. There are many in the [...]


Bible verses about fighting Scripture is clear that Christians should not be arguing, fist fighting, creating drama, or repaying evil of any kind. No matter how hard it may seem, if someone slaps you on the cheek you must turn away from that person. If someone says some nasty words to you don’t repay them [...]

Bible verses about turning the other cheek Scripture repeatedly tells us we are to always overlook an offense. Be an imitator of Christ. When He was slapped did He slap back? No, and in the same way if someone insults or slaps us we are to turn away from that person. Violence and violence equals [...]

Bad Reasons For Divorce

There are many Christians who give terrible excuses for why they want a divorce. Right when it gets a little hard they want to call it quits. If this is how you are feeling right now please seek biblical counseling, but most of all you must pray and fast not only for God to change [...]


Bible verses about voodoo Voodoo is indeed real and it is practiced in many places in the U.S. like Miami, New Orleans, and New York. I’ve met many people who have said voodoo is not sinful it’s just a religion, but that is a lie from the father of all lies. Divination, witchcraft, and necromancy [...]

Women’s Beauty

Bible verses about women’s beauty  Our world is obsessed with its standard of beauty. Women consistently report feeling inadequate after watching a commercial for a beauty product that features a highly altered image of a woman. Beauty is something that most women secretly long to achieve, but is this biblical? What makes someone beautiful according [...]

What does the Bible say about slander? Let’s talk about the sin of slander. Scripture teaches us that God hates slandering. Often times slandering happens because of anger towards someone or jealousy. Someone’s reputation is too good, so someone finds a way to destroy it by telling lies. The tongue is very powerful and when [...]


Bible verses about rumors Rumors are very dangerous and they travel extremely fast. Christians are to have nothing to do with them. That means we are not to listen to them or spread them. You could have entertained a rumor and not even knew. Have you ever started a sentence by saying I heard he or I [...]

What does the Bible say about perseverance? One word in Christianity that is not emphasized enough is perseverance. It is not those who at one time in their life prayed a prayer to accept Christ and later fall away who will enter God’s Kingdom. A true child of God will persevere in faith in Christ [...]

Christian Car Insurance Companies

Are you currently shopping around for Christian car insurance carriers? There are many carriers to choose from. If you were to type in Google “cheap Florida car insurance companies” you would have hundreds of options pop up, but which insurance carrier is owned by other believers? Should believers be opposed to insurance? In this article [...]

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