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Motherhood In Light Of Eternity

3 John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

As I write this I’m staring on and off at my three children, their little faces, hands, and huge smiles radiate with joy when they catch me staring at them.

Motherhood In Light Of Eternity

Their little eyes glitter, it’s almost like their little souls know they can trust me that I will care for them and there’s no need to worry. They run up to me to show me their drawings and how they can do a cartwheel while I’m holding our newest addition.

The hugs, the kisses, and the sweet drawings are just a few of the beautiful things we get to experience as mothers but it’s not what motherhood is about.

Motherhood is about Jesus. It’s about raising disciples.

We are called to parent in light of eternity. Not in light of our short life here on earth.

It’s so easy for us as mothers to forget that our children are souls that we are to mold to Christ. Our children are sinners in need of Christ too, regardless of what people may want to believe about their children. Just because we believe in God, it doesn’t mean our children are saved. Salvation is so personal. It requires someone to introduce you to the gospel. It requires someone sharing Gods love and forgiveness. It requires investing in prayer. It requires fellowship, do you remember who shared the gospel with you? Do you recall the time they spent with you? It’s all the same for our children, that’s our focus. Raising disciples for eternity.

Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child and our jobs as mothers is to point them to Jesus not only by our examples but with love and discipline. We get so caught up in social media, who has more followers, who posted what on Facebook and oftentimes that steals not only our joy but our time from our children and along with that the opportunities to point our children to their Creator. We have to remember that everything we do as mothers, is an example to our children. We have to remember that we have someone greater, that we have to give an account to for our children.

We forget that they are listening to our every word. The way we speak to others at the store, the way we talk about family members, the words we say when someone cuts us off and even the tone we use to respond to our spouse.

We forget they are watching our actions and how we react to life. The way we react when someone does us wrong, the way we face challenges in life, the way we handle money, the way we spend money, and they even watch what we wear.

We forget that we need to silence the world so we can listen closer to God. We need to fill ourselves with God’s Word so we can pour it on to our children. Raising more than nice kids. Raising more than sweet kids. Raising children who are zealous for God’s word. Who will have the courage to follow Jesus even when everyone isn’t, to have a soft spirit that is open for correction. An unshakable faith regardless of life’s curveballs.

We can’t simply go on wasting our time as mothers, we must parent in light of eternity.

One day we will all be at the feet of God, and I don’t know about you but I want to hear, “well done my good and faithful servant.” God fills the crevices we can’t and I’m so thankful for that but our job is to point our children to Jesus. It’s not by being super nice, it’s by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with our children.

So mamas, there’s a great job to be done, ask the Lord to guide you and allow His Holy Spirit to teach you what to say and do. Surround yourself with godly women who love the Lord. Be attentive to your child’s spiritual life. What we do here on earth will determine our destiny and their destiny. Motherhood is beautiful because we are trusted with souls we can lead to heaven. It’s more than we think!

This is what I pray every day:

“Oh Lord, how I love You. How I thank You for my children, for giving me the gift of having children. Father I am aware that I can’t do this alone, I need you every day. Holy Spirit lead me, on my daily walk and in my words. In my actions and in my life to show my children who you are. Holy Spirit dwell in my children from an early age, Lord I pray and I beg you to fill the areas I’m missing in my ignorance. I can’t see what you can, have mercy and grace upon my children and allow them to know who You are and give them a heart of worship. Help me Lord, help me to not miss the small conversations, to put all things aside and be there in the moment! Help me to know when there’s something wrong with my children and help me to raise children who love You, who are quick to repent and who love You and worship You in truth and Spirit. Thank you Jesus! I bring my children on to You once more! In Jesus name, amen.”

I hope we can all realize how crucial it is to raise our children in light of eternity and not the moment. I know it’s not easy but gosh do we have a great Father in heaven who will give us wisdom, all we face to do is ask. Will you ask along with me? That the lord will give us wisdom to raise the next generation of children who will love Him and reach others for Christ.

Motherhood… it’s a blessing.

Motherhood… do it in light of eternity.

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