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Getting Alone With God

Does the presence of Christ even matter to us anymore? Do you remember the times when you used to daydream about Jesus? But, then something happened. Something took your heart away. Something started competing for the presence of God in your life.

Most of our worship is an emotional high and then we’re back to being dry again, then we’re emotionally high again and go back to being dry again. I hate roller coaster religion. I hate the up and down spiritual conditions.

Getting Alone With God (Your Prayer Life Is Dull And Empty)

I want my heart to be on Christ and stay there. I want to experience Him. I’m tired of empty prayers and God is tired of empty prayers.

Sometimes we need to step back as believers and examine our worship life. If worship doesn’t change you, then it’s not true worship. If worship doesn’t give you new desires, then it’s not true worship!

What are we doing as Children of the Most High? We treat God like some leftovers and we’re satisfied with that. We play around in worship and we don’t get to the heart of it. What’s holding you back from seeking more of Christ? I have to ask myself that every day. Is something holding me back from more of His presence?

I hate not knowing God like I should. If we feel like we don’t know God like we should, then guess who’s fault it is? It’s our fault. Jesus gives us an open invitation to come to Him. John 1:39 “Come,” he replied, “and you will see.”

The problem is, we don’t come to Him with everything. The problem is, we substitute dead ritualistic prayer for the presence of God and we become satisfied with our religion. Don’t you realize you can pray to God for hours and not think about God once? Something needs to change in our lives. Don’t let your fears, your doubts, sin, or anything hold you back from experiencing Christ.

Step back for a moment and examine your prayer life. Be still and focus on the Lord. When you finally say, “enough is enough. I need Christ and I don’t want to live without Him,” Satan will seek to throw you off your game. Satan will find things that will catch your eye or occupy your time so you will be spiritually weakened.

How you manage your time as a Christian will affect your devotional life. It will affect your heart. If you don’t feel like praying, it’s because your heart has strayed from Christ. Sometimes you have to separate yourself from everyone and everything to find God.

When we examine the life of Christ, there’s a pattern that we always see. Jesus always separated Himself to go pray on the mountains. Jesus didn’t pray on the mountains because the mountains were so beautiful. He went because His Father was so beautiful. When we grab a hold of the beauty of the Lord it becomes addicting. It’s hard to catch a glimpse of God because there is so much noise and distraction in our lives.

When you go on a mountain top like Christ, you separate yourself from everyone and everything and you know that no one can bother you. You’re there for God and God alone. “If I don’t know you Lord, I don’t want to live.”

We must never forsake fellowship, but there must be times in our lives when we go to a desolate place and grow in our intimacy with God. Most people don’t want to be alone. However, consider this. There is nothing in this world like silence. Prepare your heart to have an encounter with God.

That means removing things that will hurt you spiritually so you can seek Him. Prepare yourself to seek His presence by listening to worship music. Prepare yourself to pray by getting in the Word for a while. Then go up a mountain or go in the woods and stay there until you know God. If you live in an area with neither, then make your own spiritual wilderness. Find a place where you can have uninterrupted communion with God.

There are people struggling with pornography. There are people who don’t know Christ. There are people who just want to be heard, but we don’t care because we don’t know God’s heart. When worship changes you, you start to see problems. You start to see the things that burden God and these things are going to cause you to break down. Where are the Christians who are going to get alone with God?

Is Jesus enough for you to seek Him? Are you sick and tired of your worship life? Are you sick and tired of not knowing God? Then, go! Run to God and touch His heart. Find Him and get to know Him in a greater way. Christ is all you have and don’t ever forget that!

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  • Venice Calorina Sep 13, 2020, 8:15 pm

    Very inspirational and motivational studies, can’t wait to begin exploring each topic.

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