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Having Fun

Bible verses about having fun Many people think that Christians are uptight people who never have fun, laugh, or smile, which is false. Seriously we are humans too! Scripture encourages us to have a happy heart instead of a crushed one. There’s nothing wrong with doing fun things with friends. There is nothing wrong with going [...]

God Is Our Refuge

Bible verses about God being our refuge Whenever you’re in trouble or feel alone run to the Lord for help because He will never forsake you. He is our hiding place. In my life the Lord continues to get me through trials and He will help you as well. Stand firm, have faith, and put all your [...]

Many Christians wonder why would God make plants like poison ivy? Why would He make things that can kill us? Let’s start from the beginning! Genesis 1:27-31 So God created mankind in his own image; in his own image God created them; he created them male and female. God blessed the humans by saying to them, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill [...]

Dinosaurs In The Bible

Bible verses about dinosaurs What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? Many people ask are there dinosaurs in the Bible? Did they really exist? How did dinosaurs become extinct? What can we learn from them? These are three of several questions that we will be answering in this article today. Even though the word dinosaur [...]


Bible verses about partying Scripture clearly tells us we must not try to fit in with the world. We are not to indulge in things that God hates. Most high school, college, or adult parties are filled with worldly music, weed, alcohol, drug dealing, more drugs, devilish dancing, sensual women, lustful men, sex, unbelievers, and more ungodly things. [...]


Bible verses about robbery Christians are a new creation through Christ we must never resort to robbing others or places. If it’s not yours and you take it without asking no matter where you are that is thievery. Types of robbery include armed, larceny, burglary, petit theft, piracy, and fraud. Walk by the Spirit so [...]

Idle Talk

Bible verses about idle talk The tongue can do a lot of good, but it can also do extreme evil. Just because we are Christians does not mean we can go and bring out evil things from our mouths because you will be condemned by your words. If you wouldn’t say it in front of [...]


Bible verses about mockers  One of the reasons we know Christ is coming soon is by the huge increase in scoffers and mockers. One of the evilest signs I have ever seen was a sign that read, “God is gay.” It was disgusting. It was a complete mockery of God and his righteousness. The mockery [...]

Women Working

Bible verses about women working If you’re a Christian wife and you want to work outside the home there is nothing wrong with that, but if you have kids and want a full-time career outside the home this should not be. Ask yourself what is the reason for wanting to work? Many times women feel [...]

Tax Collectors

Bible verses about tax collectors Tax collectors were evil, greedy, and corrupt people who charged far more than what was owed. These people were deceitful and unpopular just like how the IRS is very unpopular today.     What does the Bible say? 1. Luke 3:12-14 Some tax collectors came to be baptized. They asked him, “Teacher, [...]

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