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Bible verses about strife As Christians we are to have nothing to do with strife because it’s always caused by ungodly traits and it leads to arguments. It is caused by things that have no business in Christianity like pride, hate, and jealousy. We are to love others as ourselves, but strife does not do [...]

What does the Bible say about protection from evil? When we’re giving thanks to God we should give Him thanks for the behind the scenes work He is doing in our lives. You never really know how many times God has protected you from danger, but trust and believe He has. God is working in [...]


Bible verses about determination As believers we should rejoice that we have the Holy Spirit to help us with determination and strength to continue our walk of faith. Everything in this world seeks to bring us down, but putting your mind on Christ gives you determination to keep on going when times get hard. These [...]

What does the Bible say about safety? For safety in life, Christians have God’s Word to protect us from danger and mistakes. Many times the reason people are going through trials in life is because we don’t abide by the wisdom of the Bible. Though this is true God has the power to turn any [...]

Narrow Path

Bible verses about the narrow path The road to Heaven is extremely small and most people will not find it even many people who call themselves Christians. Many people say they love Christ, but their actions show that they truly hate Him. Just because you go to church doesn’t mean you’re going to go to [...]

Worshipping Mary

Bible verses about worshipping Mary Bowing down and praying is a form of worship. Catholics bow down and pray to statues and images of Mary which Scripture clearly forbids. They worship Mary more than they do Jesus Christ. Nowhere in Scripture does it say Mary will be a mediator. Nowhere in Scripture does it say [...]


Bible verses about martyrs The cost of serving Jesus Christ is your life. Even though in America you don’t hear about these stories, Christian martyrdom is still happening today. Almost all of the 12 disciples were killed for spreading the Word of God and not denying God because of their faith. This is one reason [...]

False Gods

Bible verses about false gods This evil world is filled with many false gods. Not even being aware of it you might have built an idol in your life. It can be your body, clothes, electronics, cell phone, etc. It is easy to be obsessed and make something more important than God in our lives, [...]


Bible verses about volunteering All Christians have different gifts from God and we are to use those gifts to serve others. It is always more blessed to give than receive. We should give our time and do volunteer work as well as give money, food, and clothes to the poor. Two is always better than [...]

False Religions

Bible verses about false religions It is sad when I hear so called Christians or unbelievers say don’t judge. It is just like your blind child is going to walk off a cliff and you tell me don’t save him. Christians you must understand that many people are demons right now in hell. Many people [...]

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