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Medi-Share Cost

Health insurance is essential since they take the stress of paying for routine procedures and getting quality services. However, getting good health insurance can be quite a drag as insurance has gotten more expensive as inflation hits the world, and trying to decide which insurance to choose and understanding how each work can be incredibly complex. Some health insurance may not cover what you want it to cover or have hidden costs that drain you. This is why the need for alternatives to health insurance rose up, and faith-based medical bill sharing programs like Medishare were created by Christian Care Ministry.

Medi-Share history

Since its creation in 1993, Christian Care Ministry has sought to help people pay for their medical expenses by pooling resources together. This was the major founding vision behind Medishare. Over the years, the number of people that are part of that has risen steadily, but by 2010, when the Affordable Care Act was passed, Medishare blew up, and now, more than 400,000 people and 1000 churches are members of the medical bill sharing program. 

Medishare is a solution for Christians who want to save money on health care but want quality services (Check out Christian healthcare ministries). It is a not-for-profit program that thrives on sharing medical expenses with a community. How it works is that the users pay an amount monthly called a monthly share into a large account, and then this money is used to settle the medical bills of others signed on to the program. However, before other members share their bills, the participants must choose an Annual Household Portion that they must pay first from the pocket before the Medishare benefits kick in.

Medishare is legal in all states in the United States. However, there are state-specific disclosures in Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kansas, Missouri, and Maine. 

How much does Medi-Share cost per month?

What you will pay monthly is called a “portion” or “share” not a premium, as Medishare is technically not health insurance even though it acts like one. Additionally, the amount you will pay will differ according to the person’s age, family size, Annual Household Portion (AHP), gender, and marital status. AHP is the most significant determinant of how much you will pay per month. There are several amounts to choose from, usually between $3,000 to $12,000. This amount is what you will pay out of pocket before Medishare starts paying your bills

Medishare costs around $50 to apply, and then there is a $2 cost to create the sharing account and an extra $120 membership fee that is paid only once. If someone in your household has a health risk or condition, they will need to become members of the Health Partner Coaching program for an extra $99 added to the monthly cost.

The standard cost per month starts from $65 to somewhere around $1000. Usually, the payment will depend on the oldest person in the household.

For instance, if you are a single 26-year-old, you will pay around $107 to $280 monthly. If you have a family, this amount increases exponentially. The pricing calculator will determine how much you pay per month and can range from $61 to $1,387.

Medi-Share benefits

  • You spend less per month and get other benefits such as free teleconsultations, discounts on dental and vision visits, and disability sharing.
  • Medishare had a health coach that encourages its users to live healthy life.
  • Medicare does not force you to get annual or lifetime limits.
  • Where you work does not affect whether or not you can use Medishare.
  • People who share your medical cost can send you words of encouragement to boost your morale.
  • Your membership cannot be terminated because you developed a medical condition.
  • Medishare gives you the option to contribute based on how much you make.
  • You have the freedom to choose a provider who is in the Medishare network or out-of-network.
  • Your billing process is easier because Medishare is billed directly from the medical provider.
  • If you use Medishare you are exempt from the Affordable Care Act mandate to have health insurance.
  • Health incentives discount for people who meet certain health criteria.
  • Health partner coaching for people who have health risks.
  • You get discounts on lab tests.

What does Medi-Share cover?

  • Medishare covers doctors visits and consultations whether on online, phone or in person
  • If the treatment is covered under Medishare, the prescription will too
  • Emergency and hospital visits are covered too but you will have to pay a $200 fee for emergencies that will not be deducted from your AHP.
  • Adoption: Up to two adoptions can be covered per household.
  • Disability expenses
  • Pregnancies: Medishare can cover up to $125,00 per pregnancy. For pregnancy to be covered, your AHP must be up to $3000 or more, and the pregnancy must have happened while you were already a registered member.
  • Physicals: As a member of Medishare, you are allowed one physical per year
  • Child care
  • Unexpected illnesses e.g., cancer
  • Senior benefits
  • Testing and treatments of COVID-19
  • Funeral expenses: Up to $5000 are going to be covered by Medishare.

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What does Medi-Share not cover?

  • Eye, ear, and dental: You can get discounts for visits under an in-network provider for up to 60% on dental, 30% for vision, and 60% for hearing.
  • Immunizations
  • Colonoscopy
  • Vaccine
  • Counselling such as genetic counseling, diabetic counseling, dietary counseling, and lactation counseling
  • Lab studies
  • Mammograms
  • Preventive care
  • Birth control, infertility/fertility testing, and sterilization (tying tubes and vasectomies).
  • Alternative medicine such as acupuncture, experimental treatments, vitamins
  • Mental and behavioral care.
  • Drugs that aren’t prescribed
  • Cosmetic procedures, e.g., plastic surgeries
  • Medical care for drug abuse
  • Medical care for STDs
  • Prosthetics
  • Abortion
  • Durable Medical Equipment

However, you should note that treatments like cardiac rehabilitation, genetic testing, home care, outpatient speech therapy, psychological evaluation, physical therapy, and chiropractic care can be covered under Medishare if a certified physician orders it under certain circumstances, e.g., when medically necessary or integral to treatments. Other expenses that can be eligible to share with other members under certain circumstances include:

  • Ambulance and medical transport services
  • Home care (at most 60 days)
  • Nonhospital admissions
  • Sleep apnea studies
  • Speech therapy (up to 10 visits)

Medi-Share cost for singles

For an AHP of $3000, you will pay around $150 for standard monthly share and $134 for healthy month share.

For an AHP of $6000, you will pay around $110 for a standard monthly share and $100 for a healthy monthly share.

For an AHP of $9000, you will pay around $90 for a standard monthly share and $80 for a healthy monthly share.

For an AHP of $12,000, you will pay around $60 for a standard monthly share and $47 for a healthy monthly share.

Medi-Share costs for couples

Medishare costs can range anywhere from $211 to $506. If you choose an AHP of $3000, they will pay $506. If they choose an AHP of $6000, they’ll pay $377 monthly; if you choose an AHP of $9000, they’ll pay $299 monthly.

For an AHP of $12,000, Medishare will cost $211.

Medi-Share family costs

Medishare family costs can range anywhere from $362 to $898. If you choose an AHP of $3000, they will pay $898. If they choose an AHP of $6000, they’ll pay $665 monthly; if you choose an AHP of $9000, they’ll pay $523 monthly.

For an AHP of $12,000, Medishare will cost $362.

Note: These figures are not static and can change depending on factors like the size of the family presence of a preexisting condition.

Medi-Share MRI cost

The cost will differ if you’re using a provider in the Medishare network or one that is not in the network. 

If you take an MRI in-network, you have to pay a $35 provider fee first and pay out of your pocket until your exhaust your AHP. After which Medishare will cover 100% of the cost.

If you do an MRI from a provider outside the Medishare, they will cover 100% of your bill once the AHP is met. However, you will still need to pay an additional 20% or $500 per eligible MRI bill.

You could also make use of Health Value, insurance to augment your medical payments in case the expenses are not completely covered by Medishare.

Medi-Share Outpatient Surgery

If the surgery is done by a surgeon under the Medishare network, Medishare will pay 100% of the cost once the AHP is met. However, if it is outside the Medishare network, you will be required to pay an extra 20% or $500 per bill.

Medi-Share prescription cost

For every prescription you get from a condition, Medishare will cover the cost for up to 6 months. However, pre-existing conditions (this refers to conditions you were diagnosed with prior to registering for Medishare) will not be covered.

Also, you can get a member ID to get a prescription discount.

Medi-Share emergency room service

If you choose an in-network provider, you will pay a $135 provider fee first. Then Medishare will cover 100% after AHP is met.

If you end up on an out-of-network provider, Medishare will cover the bill after you have exhausted your AHP. However, you will still pay an additional 20% or $500 per eligible bill.

Medi-Share physical therapy

For physical therapy to be covered, it has to be part of the treatment regimen and not preventive care. That being said, Medishare can cover up to 20 physical therapy visits.

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Medi-Share CT Scan

Like MRI, the cost will differ if you’re using a provider in the Medishare network or one not in the network. 

If you do a CT scan on an in-network provider you have to pay a $35 provider fee first and pay out of your pocket until your exhaust your AHP. After which Medishare will cover 100% of the cost.

However, if an out-of-network provider does the CT scan, Medishare will cover 100% of your bill once the AHP is met. However, members of your share network will pay an additional 20% or $500 per eligible CT scan bill.

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Medi-Share for seniors

Medishare has a special plan for seniors that they call Medishare 65+. It is a plan for people who are 65 years and older who have Medicare Parts A and B. This Medishare covers payment for bills that the Medicare will not cover, such as skilled nursing facility care, copayments, hospitalizations, durable medical equipment, and urgent abroad care.

The application for Medishare 65+ is different from normal Medishare. To join, you have to pay a $50 fee and then fill out the required forms online. After you are done with this, you will be required to pay your first monthly share amount, and then your Medishare membership activates.

For seniors 65-75, the monthly cost is $99, and for seniors 76 and above, the monthly cost is $150.

It is important to note that if you have a senior in your household Medishare 65+ will not be covered under your Medishare membership. It will have to be registered and paid for on its own.

Medi-Share pricing calculator

Medi-Share pricing calculator

Before we go into how the pricing calculator works, we have to explain specific terms.

  • Standard Monthly Share: this is the total amount you are expected to contribute every month.
  • Healthy Monthly Share: this is the discounted amount you pay if your household meets the health incentive standards.
  • Health incentive standards: this is determined based on BMI, waist measurement, and blood pressure. If you meet the healthy standard, you can get up to a 20% discount on the standard monthly share.
  • Annual Household Portion (AHP): this is the amount you must pay for your Medishare eligible medical bills before they can be shared and paid by the members.

To make a cohesive plan regarding your finances, you have to estimate the price you will pay. The first thing is to go to the Medishare website and then click pricing. After this, you will need to put your first and last name, then your zip code, and click apply. This takes you to another page where you need to choose the date you want to start from, the state you reside in, zip code again, the age of the oldest applicants, marital status, and the number of applicants.

After this, you have to choose an AHP, and then you will have an idea of what your monthly share will be.

Medi-Share quote

Medi-Share quote Standard Monthly Share

Your quote will depend on your state, age, condition and AHP

Firstly to register, there are standard fees you have to pay:

  • $50 to apply
  • $120 one time membership fee
  • $2 sharing account set up fee

If you are a single 25 year old, your quote should look something like this

Annual Household PortionStandard Monthly ShareHealthy Monthly Share
AHP 12000$116$98
AHP 9000$155$131
AHP 6000$191$161
AHP 9000$248$210

If you are a 40-something-year-old couple with no kids your quote should look something like this

Annual Household PortionStandard Monthly ShareHealthy Monthly Share
AHP 12000$220$186
AHP 9000$312$264
AHP 6000$394$312
AHP 9000$529$447

If you are a middle-aged couple with around three children, your Medishare quote should be something like this

Annual Household PortionStandard Monthly ShareHealthy Monthly Share
AHP 12000$330$279
AHP 9000$477$403
AHP 6000$608$514
AHP 9000$825$697

For a married 60 year old couple the quote should look something like this.

Annual Household PortionStandard Monthly ShareHealthy Monthly Share
AHP 12000$345$292
AHP 9000$482$407
AHP 6000$607$513
AHP 9000$748$632

It is important to note that certain things like state can affect your cost. Also, you will pay $99 extra monthly if you fall under the health partner program.

How many members does Medi-Share have?

Medishare reports over 400,000 members and over $2.6 billion in medical expenses shared within them. They attribute this growth to the debate on the Affordable Care Act in 2010.

Can I deduct Medi-Share premiums?

First of all, you should know that Medishare’s monthly payments are not premiums but are referred to as monthly share. This is because Medishare is not health insurance as it works more like a charitable donation from another member, and as such, you cannot deduct Medishare from your tax.

However, the medical expenses you pay out-of-pocket based on your AHP are still deductible.

Medi-Share health incentive

Medishare health incentive rewards you for living a healthy life with a discount. This is a very cool way to save money on your monthly share. To qualify for the health incentive, the head of the household will have to apply as personally and meet the criteria, which are blood pressure, abdominal circumference, and BMI.

Your blood pressure must be at least 121/81.  Abdominal circumference for men must be less than 38 inches and less than 35 inches for women. Finally, for both sexes, the BMI should fall between 17.5 and 25. After this, you must also fill out an online health form.

Process of application

  1. Get all the required values for the listed criteria
  2. Then log into the Member Center.
  3. Click on discounts at the end of the page and click on Apply Now.

Note that after being approved, you still have to register yearly. Additionally, you do not have to wait for your Medishare membership to start before applying for the health incentive.

Also, note that if a member of your household is part of the health partnership program (on account of health risk or condition), they will not be eligible for the health incentive discount until they leave the program.

Can I cancel Medi-Share anytime?

Yes! You can cancel Medishare anytime you want. The payment is on a monthly basis, making it particularly easier to cancel. However, you need to let Medishare know that you want to cancel at least 15 days prior to your cancellation date. You can do this either through phone, mail, fax, or email.

Note that Medishare can cancel your membership if you perform any of the following actions.

  • Use of tobacco
  • Use of illicit drugs
  • Relation of a sexual manner outside marriage
  • Participation in activities they may deem harmful against your personal safety
  • Drug abuse in any form


Medishare is a significantly cheaper alternative to conventional insurance. It affords you the freedom to choose a health plan that is not based on the government and corporations but also on your faith and goodwill. Medishare offers specific things like a sense of community and prayer which can be helpful to your healing process if you value it.

However, you should be aware of certain limitations –

  • You cannot qualify for a Health Saving Account. This is because Medishare is not tax-deductible.
  • Also, you should know that some of the eligibility to get treatment may border on the more conservative side (since members are needed to follow Christian principles).
  • Because Medishare is not insurance, some hospitals may refuse to take the bill because the PHCS network that Medishare uses is not universal, and you may need to pay out of your pocket. The paperwork associated with reversing this and getting reimbursed can be particularly cumbersome.
  • Additionally, extremely expensive surgeries may not be covered.

With all this information in mind, you should be able to know if Medishare is for you and your family. As we have pointed out before, finding the perfect health insurance for you can be stressful and daunting because of the cost and requirements. Thus, an unconventional payment method like Medishare that shares medical expenses may be worth trying.

How to Join? Apply for Medi-Share today!

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