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What does the Bible say about stupidity? There are many people who lack knowledge, but rather than trying to find it, they don’t. Fools remain in stupidity and would rather live in evil than learn the way of righteousness. Scripture says that stupid people are people who act rashly, they are lazy, they are quick [...]

Are you trying to find out how to cast out demons and evil spirits? Whether you are trying to remove demons, demonic spirits, or ghosts from your home or a person, the Bible can help. The devil is very powerful, but he is not more powerful than God. It amazes me how people can believe [...]

Child Abuse

Bible verses about child abuse Contrary to what deceitful Bible critics say, Scripture never condones child abuse in any way. Child abuse usually comes from anger that is taken out on children, which is definitely wrong. Spanking is not child abuse. In America if a parent disciplines a child some people scream child abuse. A whooping [...]


Bible verses about intelligence Where does intelligence come from? Where does morality come from? The atheist worldview cannot account for these questions. Intelligence cannot come from non-intelligence. All intelligence comes from God. The world could have only been created by someone who is eternal and Scripture says that is God. God is infinitely intelligent and [...]


Bible verses about burdens Some Christians though they say they’re weak they think they are strong. If you are carrying a heavy burden in your life, why not give it to the Lord? If you’re not praying about it obviously, you think you are strong. If God gives you burdens, then He expects you to [...]

What does the Bible say about nervousness? Nervousness can be hard on anybody. You might have a big test coming up, a presentation, or you might be starting a new job. Instead of thinking about what makes you nervous, think about Christ. A mind set on Christ will always lead to a peace that nothing [...]

Praying To Saints

Bible verses about praying to saints Praying to Mary and other dead saints is not biblical and praying to anyone other than God is idolatry. To bow down to a statue or painting and pray to it is evil and it is forbidden in Scripture. When confronted some Catholics say we don’t pray to them, [...]


Bible verses about fairness God is fair and He is an honest judge and just like any honest judge He has to judge sin, He can’t let the guilty go free. In a way He is unjust because on earth He doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve. God is holy and a holy just [...]


Bible verses about drama Christians should never deal with drama especially having drama in the church. There are many ways drama can start such as gossip, slander, and hate which are not a part of Christianity. God hates fighting between Christians, but true Christians are usually not in drama. Many fake Christians who put on [...]

The Bible Vs The Book Of Mormon

What are the major differences between the Bible and the Book of Mormon? Is the Book of Mormon reliable? Can we view it with the same regard as we view the Bible? Can anything helpful be gleaned from it?   Authors The Bible Voddie Baucham at the Ever Loving Truth Conference in 2016 said, “I [...]

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