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Making Promises

Bible verses about making promises Christians should not make promises at all. It doesn’t matter if it’s to God, our friends, or our children. Sometimes people make promises and they can’t deliver or sometimes people just don’t want to when the time comes. How does that glorify God? You don’t know how your life will [...]

Marrying A Non Christian

Bible verses about marrying a non Christian It is a sin to marry someone who is not Christian? It is not wise in any way to think you can convert someone down the way because most of the time it doesn’t work and it leads to more problems on top of other problems you will [...]


Bible verses about temperance The word temperance is used in the King James Version of the Bible and it means self-control. Many times when used temperance refers to alcohol, but it can be used for anything. It can be for caffeine consumption, gluttony, thoughts, etc. By ourselves we have no self-control, but temperance is one [...]

What does the Bible say about Ten Commandments? Many people falsely think they are Christians because they obey the Ten Commandments, obey the Bible, and are good people. How can you be saved by your own merits if you broke one of God’s commandments? God desires perfection and you can never reach that. If you [...]

Stoning To Death

Bible verses about stoning to death Stoning is a form of capital punishment and it is still used today in some places. While things like being a rebellious child and being involved in witchcraft are still sins we are not to stone others to death because we are under a new covenant. While stoning does [...]

Bible verses about storing up treasures in Heaven Where do you lay your treasures in Heaven or on earth? Is your life about giving and increasing your riches in Heaven or is it about buying the newest stuff, buying a bigger house, and spending your money on things that won’t always be here? Whether you [...]

What does the Bible say about never giving up? There have been many times where I just wanted to quit. “God it’s not going to work. God what am I going to do? God what good can come from this? Lord you said you would help me. Lord I can’t do it without you.” That [...]


Bible verses about spells Christians can rest assure that we cannot be harmed by witchcraft, but we are to never have anything to do with it. Sadly we are in dark times where many people who profess the name of Christ cast spells. These people are deceived by Satan and they will not enter into [...]

Drinking Wine

Bible verses about drinking wine There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol. Always remember that Jesus even turned water into wine and wine in Scripture was and is still used today for health benefits. I always recommend staying away from alcohol so you don’t cause anyone to stumble or cause yourself to sin. Drunkenness is [...]

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