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What does the Bible say about old age? Old age is a blessing from the Lord. We should never be afraid of aging. Christians have a responsibility to show kindness, respect, and to take care of the elderly. Yes we are to respect all people, but there is a certain type of respect that we [...]


Bible verses about homeschooling There are many advantages to homeschooling such as your child can get the attention needed and doesn’t have to worry about the teacher helping other kids. Schools in America have thrown away Bibles and are teaching kids lies and evilness. They are teaching that premarital sex and homosexuality is OK. Kids [...]


Bible verses about usury The usury is America is very sinful and ridiculous. We are not to be like the greedy banking systems and payday loans when giving money to our family, friends, and to the poor. In some cases interest can be taken like business deals. It would be better never to borrow money. [...]

Voodoo In The Bible

What does the Bible say about voodoo? Voodoo is indeed real and it is practiced in many places in the U.S. like Miami, New Orleans, and New York. For information, check out, “is voodoo real?” I’ve met many people who have said voodoo is not sinful it’s just a religion, but that is a lie [...]

What does the Bible say about creation? Understanding the Biblical creation account is vitally important. Yet, many churches regard this as a minor issue – one that people can agree to disagree about. However, if you claim that the Biblical creation narrative is not 100% true – it leaves room to doubt the rest of [...]


Bible verses about kidnapping One of the most saddest crimes is kidnapping or man stealing. Every day whether you turn on the news or go on the web. You always see kidnapping crimes going on worldwide. This is probably the most severe form of stealing. In the Old Testament this was punishable by death. This [...]

What does the Bible say about worship? Worship is a central part of Christianity because the Bible declares that we were created for the worship of God (ref. Isaiah 43:21). But what is worship? Is it a choir singing or a person playing guitar? Or is it much more than that?  Let’s explore what the [...]

Serving The Poor

Bible verses about serving the poor God cares about the poor and we are to care as well. We don’t realize that to someone living on the street or someone in another country making 100-300 dollars a month, we are rich. It’s hard for the rich to get into Heaven. We must stop thinking about [...]

Sharing Your Faith

Bible verses about sharing your faith As Christians we must not be afraid to open our mouths and share the gospel. People will not know about Christ by how we live our lives. It is important that we talk and proclaim the good news. I know sometimes we don’t know how to start or we [...]

God Quotes

Quotes about God Are you searching for motivational God quotes to increase your faith in Christ? The Bible teaches us a great deal about God. From Scripture we learn that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. We also learn that God is love, caring, holy, eternal, full of justice and mercy. One of the most [...]

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