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Enan Christian

Who Created God?

“If God is the creator of everything, then who created God? If you theists want us to believe that everything that exists has a cause then God needs a cause too! Who caused God? You guys are inconsistent in your beliefs, because you want to apply the law of causality to everything in the universe [...]

What Is The Design Argument?

The design argument is one of the widely used arguments in apologetics to make a cumulative case for the existence of God. It is basically about inferring a designer from the design that we see around. When we see a car or a motorbike or a house, the first thing we know is that there’s [...]

There are many arguments to make a case for the existence of God. However, most of them don’t tell us much about the character of God. The moral argument comes to our aid in this case. The most acknowledged formal argument is the one used by William Lane Craig which is as follows:   Moral [...]

Are Christians Intolerant?

“Christians are intolerant. They are the most bigoted people I have ever come across. They can’t accept the belief of others and then they call themselves loving, how in the world is that ‘loving’? Jesus Christ taught others to love their neighbors, but are the so-called Christians following His teachings? No, Jesus would be ashamed [...]