Why should God let you into Heaven?

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Prayer Quotes

Quotes about prayer  Daily prayer is essential on our walk of faith with Christ. We have to adjust the way that we view prayer. Prayer shouldn’t seem like a burden to us. The Creator of the universe has made a way for us to commune with Him, which is such a privilege. He longs to [...]

Love Is About Quotes

As Valentine’s Day nears, we hear the word love more often. Love is a powerful word that has the ability to change someone’s life instantly. If we’re honest, we all desire love, but what is true love about? Let’s learn more with these inspirational quotes about love.     Love is built Contrary to popular [...]

If someone wrote you love letters and you loved that person would you read those letters or just let them catch dust? As believers, we must never neglect God’s love letter to His children. Many Christians ask why should I read the Bible? We have time to do just about everything else, but when it [...]

Quotes About Christianity

The term “Christianity” can evoke many different emotions in our world right now. It seems like there are constantly new attacks against the faith, a lot of them actually coming from within. I’m sure you’ve heard about one new monstrosity or another happening inside the church walls. It’s easy to become discouraged to the state [...]

Fake Friends Quotes

Quotes about fake friends If we are honest, we all desire true friendship. Not only were we made for relationship, we also deeply desire relationships. We desire to connect and share with others. We all long for community. Relationships are one of God’s greatest blessings and we should be praying for deeper relationships with others. [...]


Let’s find the best Bible translation for your needs. In this comparison, we have two very different Bible translations. We have the King James Version and we have the New International Version. But what makes them so different? Let’s take a look! Origin  KJV – The KJV was originally published in 1611. This translation is [...]

Lion Quotes

Quotes about lions Lions are fascinating creatures. We marvel at their brute strength. We are intrigued by their petrifying roars that can be heard 5 miles away. We are captivated by their characteristics. Below we will learn more about how we can implement lion traits into our daily lives. Fearless lion quotes Lions are courageous [...]

Most churches in America are throwing away their Bibles and believing in lies. If you are in a church that looks like the world, acts like the world, does not have sound doctrine, supports homosexuality and even has homosexuals working in the ministry, supports abortion, the prosperity gospel, etc. These are clear reasons to leave [...]

People always ask, “why should Christians witness to others?” Every minute there are many people who will die without Christ. These people will spend eternity in Hell. Even though you might be afraid of evangelizing to that unbeliever, Catholic, Muslim, or Jehovah Witness you always talk to, imagine how much worse it will be if [...]

Moving On Quotes

Quotes about moving on This topic is something that we’ve all struggled with. The pain from disappointments, business failures, relationships, divorce, mistakes, and sin make it hard for us to move forward. When discouragement happens if we’re not careful, then despair can happen. When you feel despair, then you begin to give up. Always remember [...]

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