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Peer Pressure

Bible verses about peer pressure If you have a friend who is always pressuring you into a situation to do wrong and sin that person shouldn’t be your friend at all. Christians are to choose our friends wisely because bad friends will lead us astray from Christ. We are not to try to fit in with [...]

Wishing Harm On Others

Bible verses about wishing harm on others Sometimes in life people may hurt us it can be strangers, friends, and even family members. Regardless of who it is Christians should never wish death or harm upon anyone. We should never seek to hurt others in any way It might be hard, but we must forgive [...]

One God

Bible verses about one God There is only one God no one else. God is three divine persons in one. The Trinity is God the father, the son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. They are not separate, but they are all in one. There will be many people who will deny Jesus as being [...]

Ungrateful People

Bible verses about ungrateful people People today are being less content and not seeing true blessings. It’s not only children being ungrateful it’s adults as well. Probably the type of ungratefulness I despise the most is when someone complains there is no food inside their house. By that they mean the particular food they want [...]


Bible verses about hoarding While it is good to save we must be on guard from hoarding. The world we live in today loves wealth and material possessions, but we are to be set apart from the world. You can’t have two gods it’s either you serve God or money. Sometimes it’s not money that [...]

Jesus Is God

Bible verses that say Jesus is God If anyone tries to tell you that Jesus is not God in the flesh close your ears because anyone who believes that blasphemy will not enter into Heaven. Jesus said if you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins. If Jesus wasn’t God how could [...]


Bible verses about procrastination Procrastinating about anything is not wise especially when it becomes a habit. It starts off first by procrastinating about one thing then it leads to procrastinating about everything. When you know you have things to do it’s best to organize yourself and make sure those things get done. Pray for help [...]

Bible Verses About Sleep

What does the Bible say about sleep? Sleeping is something we all do and all need for a healthy life. Taking a nap gives our body time to recover from a long day. God never sleeps so He is always watching over us when we’re awake or sleeping. Rest is good but when you get [...]

Bible Verses About Rocks

What does the Bible say about rocks? God is my rock. He is a solid foundation. He is an immovable, unshakable, faithful, fortress. In times of trouble God is our source of strength. God is stable and His children run to Him for shelter. God is higher, He is bigger, He is greater, and He [...]

What does the Bible say about apologizing? Sometimes we might offend or sin against friends and family, and if this happens Christians are to confess our sins to God, and apologize to that person. Everything we do must be sincere. A true friend would fix their relationship with others and pray for others instead of [...]

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