Why should God let you into Heaven?

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Bible verses about backstabbing Being stabbed in the back by a family member or a friend especially a close one is not a good feeling. In all the backstabbings, slander, and trials you go through in life know it is very meaningful. Even though no one should ever gossip about anyone, find out if the [...]

Bible verses about taking advantage of someone People love taking advantage of Christians. We’ve all been used and it never feels good. Scripture teaches us to help others and people use this to freeload off of us. There are some friends who are not even friends at all, but just use you for things. Do [...]


Bible verses about suicide  This is a really tough subject. When talking about suicide people don’t want to say what a family or friend doesn’t want to hear. When someone we are close with commits suicide the last thing you want to hear is that they went to Hell, but did they go to Hell? [...]

How Should We Preach Christ In Every Sermon?

Any of us would like to take the teachings of Christ seriously into account, we should be able to discipline ourselves to read the Bible and administer the lessons to heart. The Christian Church in Dubai also believes this as a necessary proceeding when spreading the word of the Lord. To which it is already [...]

God Is Good Even When We Sin

Has this ever come to mind? How is God still good to me when I sin? Sin has entered the human race ever since Adam and Ever ate the forbidden fruit. So, sin then dwells in the flesh. But even when we succumb to our flesh’s desire, God still has mercy upon us. God is [...]


Bible verses about usury The usury is America is very sinful and ridiculous. We are not to be like the greedy banking systems and payday loans when giving money to our family, friends, and to the poor. In some cases interest can be taken like business deals. It would be better never to borrow money. [...]

Women Working

Bible verses about women working If you’re a Christian wife and you want to work outside the home there is nothing wrong with that, but if you have kids and want a full-time career outside the home this should not be. Ask yourself what is the reason for wanting to work? Many times women feel [...]

When we recognize God’s calling in our lives, we may either be joyful that He has given us a divine task and make moves as soon as we can. Or we may be stricken with fear, procrastinate on the visions that He has given us and not even pursue them. If you are the latter, [...]

Keeping Your Faith While Grieving

Keeping your faith when things are going great seems easy but how do we keep the faith when things seems to be falling apart around us? As Christians, we are not promised a problem free life, but we are guaranteed a Savior that is always by our side. I was a senior in high school [...]

Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America and while he claims to be a Christian he is not and I’ll prove it. You will hear false teachers in America like Joel Osteen who tells the world he is Christian, but you must remember that Mr. Osteen is from the [...]

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