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“This Too Shall Pass” Bible Verse

While the Bible offers some sage advice similar to “This too shall pass,” the phrase cannot be found in scripture. However, many people associate the phrase with a scripture in Ecclesiastes as a summary of the writer’s thoughts. Let’s take a deeper look at the phrase and see how it stands up to the Bible [...]

Prophetess In The Bible

Five women in the Old Testament and six women in the New Testament are called prophetesses. But what is a prophetess, and, for that matter, what is a prophet? What role did Biblical prophetesses play? In general, what are the roles of women in God’s plan? Let’s look at what several Biblical scholars say on [...]

What does the Bible say about worship? Worship is a central part of Christianity because the Bible declares that we were created for the worship of God (ref. Isaiah 43:21). But what is worship? Is it a choir singing or a person playing guitar? Or is it much more than that?  Let’s explore what the [...]

What does the Bible say about purpose? “Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning. Without meaning, life has no significance or hope.”  So said Pastor Rick Warren at the end of the 20th century in his New York Times best seller book The Purpose Driven Life.   Warren’s book [...]

When Is Jesus’ Birthday?

Whenever Christmas approaches, news stories will pop up of how Emperor Constantine chose December 25 to celebrate Jesus’ birthday “because it was already a Roman holiday.” The articles assert that “Christmas replaced the Saturnalia festivities in honor of the god Saturn” and that “the god Sol Invictus’ birthday was on December 25.” Did pagan holidays [...]

What Color Is God?

When you picture God in your mind, what does He look like? What is His ethnicity? What’s the color of His hair and skin? Does God even have a body in the sense that we do? Even though we know God isn’t human, we tend to think of His appearance in human terms. After all, [...]

How Tall Is God?

Understanding the physical characteristics of God proves challenging as He transcends mankind’s understanding. The idea of spirit without physical matter leaves us grasping to gain insight into God as we think in a narrowed mindset and yet still carve the closeness with God we gain from the physical world. Due to our limited nature and [...]

How Old Is God?

How old is God? A few years ago, The Guardian newspaper asked that question, getting different answers from various people.[i] A humanistic answer was that God is a figment of our imaginations, and thus he (or she) is as old as the evolution of philosophical thought. One person answered that Jahveh (Yahweh), the Israelite God, [...]

Bible Verses About Today

What does the Bible say about today? Today was once tomorrow, and tomorrow will be today soon. (Anonymous) Life may be fast-paced that you hardly have time to catch your breath, let alone stop to think about the significance of today. The Bible talks a lot about today. God wisely instructs us about the significance [...]

Episcopalian Vs Anglican

Have you ever wondered how the Anglican and Episcopalian churches are different? These two denominations have common origins and share many practices and doctrines. In this article, we will explore their shared history, what they have in common, and what sets them apart. What is an Episcopalian? An Episcopalian is a member of an Episcopal [...]

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