Why should God let you into Heaven?

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What does the Bible say about relationship with God? When we speak of a relationship with God, what does that mean? Why is it important? What can disrupt our relationship with God?  How can we grow closer in our relationship with God? Let’s discuss these questions as we unpack what it means to have a [...]

What does the Bible say about baptism? Are you searching for baptism Bible verses? What is baptism according to the Bible? Let’s find out! One of the biggest questions in Christianity is the nature and purpose of water baptism. To even ask the question ‘what is baptism and what is it for’ is to drag [...]

Likely, the greatest issue people have with doctrines such as predestination is that they think it necessarily reduces humans to unthinking robots. Or, better, to inanimate pawns on a chessboard, which God moves around as He sees fit. However, this is a conclusion that is philosophically driven, and not one that is derivative from the [...]

What does the Bible say about communication? Good communication is a skill that must be taught. Being able to communicate well is vital for all relationships, whether it be work relationships, friendships, or in marriage. It is one of the most important skills in life. There are many seminars and books available on the subject, [...]

Christianity Vs Buddhism

Buddhism is one of the world’s largest religions. An estimated 7% of the global population would consider themselves Buddhists. So, what do Buddhists believe and how does Buddhism stack up against Christianity? That is what we are attempting to answer with this article. One note of caution for the reader: Buddhism is a broad and [...]

What does the Bible say about abortion? Did you know that over 42.6 million babies were aborted worldwide last year? Since Roe-vs. Wade passed in 1973, an estimated 63 million babies have died by abortion in the U.S. What does God say about human value? How does God feel about life in the womb? Are [...]

KJV Vs ESV Bible

In this article, we will be comparing the KJV vs ESV Bible translation. In this survey of two popular English translations of the Bible, you will find that there are similarities, differences, and that both have their merit. Let’s take a look at them! Origin of the King James Version and English Standard Version KJV [...]

Jewish Vs Christian

Judaism and Christianity are both monotheistic, ancient religions. Despite their commonalities, Judaism and Christianity are different. Christians accept Jesus as the Messiah and savior, unlike Jews. Jewish theology accepts Jesus as a prophet, not the Messiah. Let’s look at the key differences between the two religions.  What is a Christian? A Christian is a person [...]

Baptist Vs Presbyterian

What is the difference between that Baptist church in town and the Presbyterian one across the street? Is there a difference? In previous posts we discussed, the baptist and methodist denomination. In this post, we will highlight the similarities and differences between two historic protestant traditions. The terms Baptist and Presbyterian are very general terms [...]

Reading The Bible 

Bible verses about reading the Bible  Reading the Bible each day shouldn’t be a chore we dread doing. Nor should it be something we do just to mark it off of our To Do List. The Bible is God’s Word. It is alive and active. The Bible is inerrant and it is completely sufficient for [...]

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