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Daily Prayer

Bible verses about daily prayer Prayer is the very breath of the Christian life. It is how we reach out to talk to our Lord and Creator. But frequently, this is an often neglected activity. Be honest, are you praying daily? Do you see prayer as something that you need daily? Have you been neglecting [...]


Bible verses about baptism What is baptism according to the Bible? One of the biggest questions in Christianity is the nature and purpose of water baptism. To even ask the question ‘what is baptism and what is it for’ is to drag other things into the debate, such as the definitions of the word ‘baptism’ [...]

Free Will

Bible verses about free will  What does the Bible say about man’s free will? What does it mean to be free to make choices? How can we make our own choices and God still be sovereign and all knowing? How free are we in light of God’s will? Can man do everything he chooses? These [...]

Prayer Quotes

Quotes about prayer  Daily prayer is essential on our walk of faith with Christ. We have to adjust the way that we view prayer. Prayer shouldn’t seem like a burden to us. The Creator of the universe has made a way for us to commune with Him, which is such a privilege. He longs to [...]

Christianity Vs Buddhism

Buddhism is one of the world’s largest religions. An estimated 7% of the global population would consider themselves Buddhists. So, what do Buddhists believe and how does Buddhism stack up against Christianity? That is what we are attempting to answer with this article. One note of caution for the reader: Buddhism is a broad and [...]


Bible verses about selfishness  The core of selfishness is self-idolatry. When someone behaves in a selfish manner, they are numb to the pain they cause others. There are so many selfish people – because it is extremely easy to behave in a selfish manner. Selfishness is self-centeredness. When you are being selfish, you are not [...]


Bible verses about homosexuality  What do you do when a friend comes out and says, “I’m gay?” What do you do when someone who you care about accidentally reveals their sexual orientation that is contrary to what you believe? Let’s refrain from answering these questions at this moment and turn our focus in another direction. [...]

Is The Trinity In The Bible?

Christians believe in one living and true God. The Creator of heaven and earth. He is eternal, unchanging, holy, and all-powerful.  He exists as three Persons but One Essence. The three Persons are God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All three are equal and eternal. Let’s find out is the [...]

Praying For Others 

Bible verses about praying for others  How marvelous it is that we have a God who listens! How wonderful it is that we have a God who wants us to talk to Him! What a blessing it is that we can pray to our Lord. We don’t have to have a human intercessor – for [...]

What Is Arminianism Theology?

The division between Calvinism and Arminianism is a hotly debated subject amongst evangelicals. This is one of the primary issues that threaten to cause a split in the Southern Baptist Convention. In our last article we discussed Calvinism. But what exactly do Arminians believe?   What Is Arminianism? Jacob Arminius was a 16th century Dutch [...]

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