Why should God let you into Heaven?

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What does the Bible say about praise? Praising the Lord shows God how much you love Him and appreciate all that He has done. Furthermore, praising God can improve your relationship and life as God is faithful and there for us even in our darkest moments. Find out what the Bible says about praise and [...]

What does the Bible say about Jesus? One of the most important questions one can ask is, “Who is Jesus?” The answer to this question tells us how we can be saved from our sins and live forever. Not only that, knowing Jesus – knowing Him personally – is a blessing beyond belief. We can [...]

What does the Bible say about future? God knows the future because He created all things. Today is confusing, and the future seems unpredictable. Many people are stressed, afraid, doubtful, and uncertain. But we know who holds tomorrow. Nobody holds tomorrow. Our tomorrow is in God’s hands. We may not know what tomorrow holds or [...]

Baptist Vs Methodist

What is the difference between baptist and methodist? Let’s find out the similarities and differences between the Baptist denomination and the Methodist denomination. In many small towns across the United States you will find a Baptist Church on one side of the street, and a Methodist church located right across the street from it. And [...]

What does the Bible say about suffering? Chances are, you or someone you love is passing through suffering right now. It may be chronic pain, illness, or disability. It may be grief from some traumatic loss. It may be a fragmenting relationship. It may be the pain of struggling through seemingly insurmountable challenges. Do you [...]

What does the Bible say about abortion? Did you know that over 42.6 million babies were aborted worldwide last year? Since Roe-vs. Wade passed in 1973, an estimated 63 million babies have died by abortion in the U.S. What does God say about human value? How does God feel about life in the womb? Are [...]

Islam Vs Christianity

Islam seems like an indecipherable puzzle to many Christians, and Christianity is likewise perplexing to many Muslims. Christians and Muslims sometimes experience an element of fear or uncertainty when encountering those of the other faith. This article will explore the essential similarities and differences between the two religions, so we can build bridges of friendship [...]

Bible Verses About 666

What does the Bible say about 666? The concept of 666 being the “devils number” is found in many places. We can see this concept being preached in some denominations and we can see this concept being used in movie plots around the world. Even in occult practices, the number 666 is associated with Satan. [...]

When we think of the word “life,” many ideas come to mind. We each have our current mortal life, and we will one day have eternal life in immortal bodies. We each have a God-ordained purpose for our life and a way that God wants us to live our life. We also have a certain [...]

Covenants In The Bible

Are there 5, 6, or 7 covenants in the Bible? Some even think that there are 8 covenants. Let’s find out how many covenants between God and man are actually in the Bible. Progressive covenantalism and new covenant theology are theological systems that help us to understand how God’s entire plan of redemption has been [...]

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