Why should God let you into Heaven?

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How Do You Find Peace And Rest?

“How do I find rest and peace?” asked every human ever. We all go through rough patches in life and we all just want these two things. As Christians, we have access to peace and rest in Christ.  Philippians 4:7 says “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and [...]

This is a tough topic to speak on. Why you ask? There are many people who believe they’re saved, but they are not saved. On the other side of the coin there are many people who truly are saved but are struggling with the full assurance of their salvation. There is a difference between assurance [...]

God Is Working

Bible verses about God is working Don’t be afraid! Don’t you worry. The Lord knows your worries and He is going to provide you with comfort, but you must come to Him. God is working right now! Even though everything seems like it’s falling apart it is actually falling into place. The things that you [...]


Bible verses about mothers How much do you thank God for your mother? How much do you pray to God about your mother? We can be so selfish at times. We pray for all these different things, but we forget the people who brought us into this world. In honor of Mother’s Day I want [...]

Take your eyes off the mountain that is before you; climb it, stand on it, dominate it, and place your eyes on the one who created all things… If we constantly contemplate the enormous mountains we face versus our Savior; it will make you shrink and feel obsolete. You were created to conquer it and worship your [...]

Encouraging Bible verses to start the day  Do you struggle with discouragement? If so, you are not alone. If there is one battle that I have been struggling with my entire Christian walk, it has to be the battle of discouragement. I have to constantly be encouraged by God and what better way to be constantly [...]

Is Wearing Makeup A Sin?

One question that I get often especially from young women is, can Christians wear makeup? Is wearing makeup a sin? Unfortunately, this topic brings a lot of legalism. There is nothing in the Bible that restricts Christian women from wearing makeup. With that said, let’s take a look at a few passages. Quotes “Beauty isn’t about [...]

Husbands Love Your Wives

Being a kingdom man in today’s society is like swimming against the current as you watch all your brothers float carelessly down the stream. As God continues to work on me in my walk with Him, one of the hardest areas I struggle with is properly loving my wife. The issue isn’t in the act [...]

Fear And Anxiety

Bible verses about fear One of the effects of the fall is fear, anxiety, and these battles that we struggle with in our mind. We are all fallen creatures and although believers are being renewed to the image of Christ we all struggle in this area. God knows our battle against fear. One of the [...]

Many people ask is God real or not? Does God exist? Is there evidence for God? Is God alive or dead? The answer is simple. I don’t have to prove that God exists. You already know that God exists. I remember I was talking to this young girl who said that she tried to force [...]

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