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Heaven Vs Hell

What do you think of when you hear the words Heaven and Hell? Some associate clouds with clouds and boredom with Heaven and fire and pitchfork wielding jailers when they think of Hell. But what does the Bible teach? That is what we will answer with this post. What is Heaven and Hell? What is [...]

KJV Vs Geneva Bible

Do you know when the Bible was first translated into the English language? Partial translations of the Bible into Old English go back as far as the 7th century. The first complete translation of the Bible (into Middle English) was by the early English reformer John Wyclyffe in 1382.   William Tyndale started translating the [...]

What does the Bible say about tithes and offering? When tithing is mentioned in a sermon, many church members will eyeball the pastor suspiciously. Others may moan in despair thinking that the church is just wanting to guilt them into giving. But what is tithing? What does the Bible say about it?   Christian quotes [...]

Catholic Vs Orthodox

The Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church have a long history and many shared doctrines and traditions. However, both churches have significant differences with each other and even greater differences with evangelical churches. History of the Roman Catholic church and Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox were originally one church, claiming the “apostolic [...]

Praying Women In The Bible

“A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape. But a woman of strength kneels in prayer and keeps her soul in shape.” We are commanded to pray. Even though God knows our needs before we even think to ask Him. We can trust that God, in His providence will meet [...]

Christianity Vs Buddhism

Buddhism is one of the world’s largest religions. An estimated 7% of the global population would consider themselves Buddhists. So, what do Buddhists believe and how does Buddhism stack up against Christianity? That is what we are attempting to answer with this article. One note of caution for the reader: Buddhism is a broad and [...]

What Is Arminianism Theology?

The division between Calvinism and Arminianism is a hotly debated subject amongst evangelicals. This is one of the primary issues that threaten to cause a split in the Southern Baptist Convention. In our last article we discussed Calvinism. But what exactly do Arminians believe? What Is Arminianism? Jacob Arminius was a 16th century Dutch theologian [...]

What does the Bible say about birthdays? Is celebrating birthdays ok to do biblically? What can we learn about birthdays in the Bible? Christian quotes about birthdays “May the light of Jesus shine through you on your birthday.” “You have all that pertains to life and godliness. May this New Year usher you into more [...]


Let’s find the best Bible translation for your needs. In this comparison, we have two very different Bible translations. We have the King James Version and we have the New International Version. But what makes them so different? Let’s take a look! Origin  KJV – The KJV was originally published in 1611. This translation is [...]

What does the Bible say about thankfulness? Did you know that being thankful builds positive emotions – like happiness and optimism? Thankfulness enables us to enjoy our life experiences, while reducing stress and boosting our health. A grateful attitude empowers us to cope with adversity and build productive relationships with others as we encourage them [...]

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