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William B. Hemsworth

Classical Vs Progressive Dispensationalism

INTRODUCTION Since the beginning of the Christian church there has been interest in prophecy. The early church looked at Scriptures and saw the fulfillment of Christ, and throughout the ages many theories have been developed regarding the second coming of our Lord. The question that this paper considers is whether the method of interpretation, known as [...]

Cessationism Vs Continuationism

One of the big debates in theological circles today is that of continuationism and cessationism. Before an analysis can begin it is first necessary to describe what these two terms mean. Continuationism is the belief that some gift of the Holy Spirit, that are mentioned in Scripture, ceased with the death of the last apostle. [...]

Dispensationalism And The Early Church Fathers

INTRODUCTION What is dispensationalism? That word draws different reactions from a variety of Christians. For some it is someone that interprets the Bible in a literal fashion. For some they may see a dispensationalist as confused.  However, there are many that say that dispensationalism has no place in the church. There are many in the [...]