Why should God let you into Heaven?

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What does the Bible say about praise? Praising the Lord shows God how much you love Him and appreciate all that He has done. Furthermore, praising God can improve your relationship and life as God is faithful and there for us even in our darkest moments. Find out what the Bible says about praise and [...]

Bible Vs Abortion

On June 24, 2022, child advocates wept for joy while the abortion industry snarled in rage. The United States Supreme Court had overturned Roe vs. Wade. Abortion is no longer a federal right in the United States; however, individual states can mandate whether abortion is permitted and under what circumstances. Most people have no clue [...]

Male Vs Female

When Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the candidate for Supreme Court Justice, was asked to define the word “woman,” she replied, “I can’t.” Some folks are saying, “There’s no objective truth when it comes to gender.” Really? Let’s unwrap the science behind the question. Most importantly, let’s dive into what God’s Word says about His marvelous [...]

What does the Bible say about character? What do you think about when you hear the word “character?” Character is our distinctive and individual mental and moral qualities. We express our character through how we treat other people and through our integrity, disposition, and moral fiber. We all have negative and positive character traits, and [...]

What does the Bible say about suffering? Chances are, you or someone you love is passing through suffering right now. It may be chronic pain, illness, or disability. It may be grief from some traumatic loss. It may be a fragmenting relationship. It may be the pain of struggling through seemingly insurmountable challenges. Do you [...]

What does the Bible say about Jesus? One of the most important questions one can ask is, “Who is Jesus?” The answer to this question tells us how we can be saved from our sins and live forever. Not only that, knowing Jesus – knowing Him personally – is a blessing beyond belief. We can [...]

Bible Verses About Sex

What does the Bible say about sex? The Bible has a lot to say about sex! Did you know that the Bible contains over 200 verses about sexual intimacy – and then there’s an entire book about marital love – The Song of Solomon. Let’s explore what God’s Word tells us about this incredible gift! [...]

Episcopal Vs Catholic

Episcopalian and Catholicism share many similar beliefs as they came from the same original church. Over the years, each evolved into definitive branches, often blurring the lines between Catholicism and Protestantism. This article will examine their intertwined histories, similarities, and differences. What is Episcopal? Many people see the Episcopal Church as a compromise between Catholicism [...]

When we think of the word “life,” many ideas come to mind. We each have our current mortal life, and we will one day have eternal life in immortal bodies. We each have a God-ordained purpose for our life and a way that God wants us to live our life. We also have a certain [...]

What does the Bible say about God being with us? When we feel fearful, we need to be reminded of God’s presence.  When we feel weak in our faith, we need to be reminded of God’s promises and His great love for us. Even though God is all-powerful and so completely otherly in His holiness, [...]

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