Why should God let you into Heaven? Do you know the answer? Let’s find out! Are you truly saved?

Does God Love Me?

Many believers struggle with understanding God’s love for them. Why do we base God’s love on our performance or our current life situation? Have you asked this question to yourself, “does God love me?”

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Dealing with Criticism

“If you reject discipline, you only harm yourself;

    but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.” ~Proverbs 15:32

Do you hate being criticized? How do you feel when someone offers you critique? Do you graciously accept it? Or do you complain, feel inadequate, and want to give up?

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Taking Risks

Bible verses about taking risks

Everything in this life is a risk. You are given only two options. Take the risk and expect results or don’t take a risk and expect nothing. Stop procrastinating! God uses people who are willing to get out of their comfort zone. He uses people who are willing to take risks. What risk are you facing?

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Giving Away Our Depression

Growing up in the 90’s, issues surrounding mental health were not often discussed. Today, although there are still stigmas surrounding it, it’s much more a normal part of our vocabulary. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 Americans have a mental health condition; that’s over 40 million Americans.

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Who Created God?

“If God is the creator of everything, then who created God? If you theists want us to believe that everything that exists has a cause then God needs a cause too! Who caused God? You guys are inconsistent in your beliefs, because you want to apply the law of causality to everything in the universe but are not ready to do it for God. This is itself quite a massive proof that theism is false.”

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Genuine Prayer

When prayer is not genuine it’s not real prayer. How do we know when our prayers are not genuine? It’s simple! The heart. When your prayers are not genuine your heart does not align with your words. Your words can be eloquent and beautiful while still being filled with deceit and hypocrisy Psalm 55:21. Our hearts may fool us, but the Lord is not fooled.

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