Why should God let you into Heaven?

Do you know the answer? Are you confident in your salvation?

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Bible verses about memories  One of the greatest gifts that God has given humanity is the beautiful gift of memory. In a sense, memory allows us to relive a moment that was so special to us. I’m extremely pensive and I always find myself reminiscing about the past. I love to cherish and hold on [...]


Bible verses about sinners Scripture makes it clear that sin is the transgression of the law of God. It’s missing the mark and falling short of God’s standard. A sinner is someone that violates the divine law. The sin is the crime. However, the sinner is the criminal. Let’s look to see what the Bible [...]


Bible verses about adventure When your heart is set upon Christ the Christian life is far from boring. It’s filled with adventure and many exciting moments. Walking intimately with our Savior is a lifelong journey in which you are being molded into His image. Let’s learn more about the Christian adventure below.   Quotes “Life [...]

Fear And Anxiety

Bible verses about fear One of the effects of the fall is fear, anxiety, and these battles that we struggle with in our mind. We are all fallen creatures and although believers are being renewed to the image of Christ we all struggle in this area. God knows our battle against fear. One of the [...]

Pray Until Something Happens

We’re so quick to give up in prayer. Our emotions and our circumstances lead us to stop praying. However, we need to PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens). My goal is to encourage you to continually endure in prayer no matter how difficult your situation may seem. I also encourage you to read the two parables [...]

Goodness Of God

Bible verses about God’s goodness I’ve been a Christian for years and I have not even begun to scratch the surface of truly understanding God’s immeasurable goodness. No human will ever be able to comprehend the full extent of God’s goodness. Below you will read some awesome verses about the goodness of God.     [...]


Bible verses about sin We all sin. It’s a fact and part of human nature. Our world is fallen and corrupt because of sin. It is impossible to never sin, if anyone says that they’ve never committed any iniquity, they are outright liars. Only Jesus Christ, who was and is perfect in every way, never [...]


Bible verses about joy One of the most important things in the Christian life is joy. However, it seems as if far too many believers are living without joy. It seems as if we’re just barely getting by and going through the daily motions of life. We were meant for so much more than this! [...]


Bible verses about faith When people want to read about faith the first place they go to is Hebrews 11. It is truly a beautiful chapter. So many miraculous things were done by pure faith without even a Bible. Why aren’t these things being done today? Today we don’t know about true faith. Men of [...]

Who I Am In Christ

Bible Verses about who I am in Christ In the midst of many voices in our head that wage war against our identity we forget who we are in Christ. I need to remind myself daily that my identity does not lie in my mistakes, my struggles, my embarrassing moments, those discouraging negative voices in [...]

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