Why should God let you into Heaven? Do you know the answer? Let’s find out! Are you truly saved?

Getting Alone With God

Does the presence of Christ even matter to us anymore? Do you remember the times when you used to daydream about Jesus? But, then something happened. Something took your heart away. Something started competing for the presence of God in your life.

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Overcoming Fear And Serving God Out Of Love

When we recognize God’s calling in our lives, we may either be joyful that He has given us a divine task and make moves as soon as we can. Or we may be stricken with fear, procrastinate on the visions that He has given us and not even pursue them.

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Anger Management

Bible verses about anger management

Are you currently struggling with anger and forgiveness? Is there a bitterness in your heart that is holding you back from the abundant life that Christ had planned for you? Anger is a destructive sin that destroys us from within. If not treated immediately it can turn into something catastrophic.

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Salvation And Being Saved

Bible verses about salvation 

Many people ask, “what is salvation?” In the Bible, we see that salvation is the deliverance from danger or the penalty of sin. Are your sins forgiven? Do you know the gospel (good news) that saves? If you don’t know the gospel and you can’t explain how to be saved, you need to examine yourself. You may ask, am I truly saved?

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Eternal Life

Bible verses about eternal life

God gives all of us a sense of eternity. Eternal life is a gift from God through Christ. When we think of eternal life we think about life after death but it’s more than that. For the believer, eternal life is now. God is eternal.

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Christian Liberty

Bible verses about Christian liberty 

Christian liberty is an extremely dangerous topic that most believers overlook. Christian liberty can easily lead to sin, addiction, spiritual dryness, and more. Satan is not oblivious to these things. He knows how our freedom as Christians can cause us to live laid-back lives. Many believers around the world love saying things like “my Christian liberty allows me to do this.”

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Spiritual Dryness

Bible verses about spiritual dryness

Have you lost the presence of God? Spiritual dryness is one of the worst things that can happen to a believer. Leonard Ravenhill said, “You can have all of your doctrines right, yet still not have the presence of God.” There are times when you just know that God is not there. Once you get a small touch of God you can’t live without Him.

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Bible verses about regeneration

We don’t preach on the doctrine of regeneration anymore. There are many people who call themselves Christians who are not Christians. Many people have all the right words, but their heart is not regenerate. By nature man is evil. His nature leads him to do evil. An evil man cannot change himself and will not choose God.  That is why it says in John 6:44, “no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.”

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Bible verses about feet

Did you ever think that you would be reading Scriptures dedicated to feet? Surprisingly enough, the Bible has a lot to say about feet.

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