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Happiness Vs Joy

The words are very similar. Happiness and joy. They are sometimes used interchangeably in the Bible. Historically, great church theologians have not made a distinction between the two. The distinction we will make is not so much in the substance of happiness vs. the substance of joy, but in the object of happiness vs. the [...]

Mental Health

Bible verses about mental health The mental health topic is a challenging topic to discuss because of the millions of lives that are affected by mental illnesses every year. NAMI, which is the National Alliance on Mental Illness, reported that in the United States over 46 million people are plagued by mental illnesses each year. [...]

Within the following discourse upon the first two verses of the first Psalm, I wish to draw attention of my readers to the fullness of the Psalm’s meaning. My intention is not to write upon aspect or application of the Psalm but upon the entirety of the text’s meaning. The use of the first Psalm [...]


Bible verses about plagues Many people are frantically searching the web to find out the relation between the Coronavirus disease and end times prophecies. This is what I intend to answer. In light of current events, I will be discussing what the Bible says about plagues, while also providing encouragement for believers.     Quotes  [...]

Reading The Bible 

Bible verses about reading the Bible  Reading the Bible each day shouldn’t be a chore we dread doing. Nor should it be something we do just to mark it off of our To Do List. The Bible is God’s Word. It is alive and active. The Bible is inerrant and it is completely sufficient for [...]

John 1:1 Commentary

ESV In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. – John 1:1 Greek En arche ēn ho Logos, kai ho Logos ēn pros ton Theon, kai Theos ēn o Logos. –  John 1:1   Observations: 1. Here the Word (‘ho Logos’) is declared to be “in [...]

Lion Quotes

Quotes about lions Lions are fascinating creatures. We marvel at their brute strength. We are intrigued by their petrifying roars that can be heard 5 miles away. We are captivated by their characteristics. Below we will learn more about how we can implement lion traits into our daily lives.     Lions are fearless Lions [...]

Women’s Beauty

Bible verses about women’s beauty  Our world is obsessed with its standard of beauty. Women consistently report feeling inadequate after watching a commercial for a beauty product that features a highly altered image of a woman. Beauty is something that most women secretly long to achieve, but is this biblical? What makes someone beautiful according [...]


Bible verses about war War is a difficult subject. One that will bring about very strong feelings on every side. Let’s take a look at what God’s Word says about war.     Quotes   “The purpose of all wars, is peace.” – Augustine “Discipleship is always an inescapable war between the kingdom of self and [...]

Christianity Vs Mormonism

Mormons are some of the kindest and friendliest people we could know. Their views on family and morality is not far different from that of Christians. And indeed, they call themselves Christians. So are there differences between Mormons and Christians when it comes to how they view God, the Bible, salvation, etc.? Yes, there are [...]

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